Zach and Tori Roloff: Will They Ever After More Children?

Now that new season of small people big world Going on, a lot of fans have questions.

Tori Roloff Responds on Social Media as Much as She Can to Respond…Without Waiting for Fans possible future weather,

The season premiere featured their third child, Josiah.

Are Tori and Zach ever planning on adding a fourth child, Roloff, to the mix?

Zach and Tori Roloff and 3 kids

During the first week of November, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Story to participate in a Q&A with her fans and followers.

One curious social media user asked if her family is currently “perfect”.

More than half a year ago, in April, Tori and Zack welcomed Josiah. Baby #3 Makes them a family Five,

So, does he feel that his family is complete?

“Yeah,” Tori answered the fan’s question.

He said again: “No more kids for us!”

Clearly, Tori’s announcement is not a condemnation of children in general, let alone her three beautiful children.

Jackson (who is five years old), Leila (who is two years old), and Josiah (now half a year old) are all treasures.

But having three kids is a lot in any circumstance. Adding a quarter to the mix will likely be too hard.

Zach and Tori Roloff are all smiles in this promotional photo for a new episode of Little People, Big World.

And, as for Tori and Zack, their three children are all disabled, sharing their father’s achondroplasia.

This does not mean that they cannot live a full life like a person of any height.

But it is a complete disability. From specialized medical care to housing, additional support means less potential time for additional children. Tori and Zach know this very well.

Zach and Tori Roloff and Sono
photo via instagram

A different fan asked Tori how she deals with the rampant, incessant mom-shaming on social media.

Any parent can face this. But for Tori, as a public figure, she deals with much more than that.

“It can actually get so ridiculous over here,” Tori admitted.

“I try really hard not to focus on the ‘perfect parent,'” Tori then expressed.

“But it’s hard,” she confessed, “when I feel like I have to defend myself from every little thing.”

Tori confirmed: “I only know that I am doing my best.”

Roloffs in a new home
Tori and Zach Roloff now live in Washington. As you can see here, he moved his family to a new home in October 2021.

Meanwhile, Tori and Zach and their kids still remain a part of small people big world,

On the show, which was of course filmed months earlier, both parents were concerned about Jackson and Leila introducing Josiah.

Josiah was a newborn at that time. And, well, not all first impressions between siblings are good.

Tori and Zach look worried and disappointed in this confession scene from Little People, Big World.

“It was definitely not okay when we brought Leela home from the hospital,” Tori recalled.

So, this time around, she admitted that she was “expecting the worst but hoping for the best.” It’s a good philosophy for many things.

However, Jackson is older and more mature than he was when he first met Leila. He showed great enthusiasm to meet Josiah.

roloff kids
This is Jackson! And Leela! And Josiah! Say hello to Tori and Zach Roloff’s three kids.

“We thought he was about to whip out or pass out, everyone was going to cry…” Zach admitted.

“But,” he shared, “it was great.”

Heart touching! But that’s not something the family intends to replicate with an imaginary baby #4.