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Young Actors’ Retreat Finale: Revisiting 5 Moments From The Korean Variety Show Because We Miss Them A Lot!

One of the Best Korean Varieties Show Young Actors Retreat Ended last Friday and our world has never been the same. It has left a deep void. We don’t know what to do with our weekends anymore. It was such an idyllic watch that some of the biggest KDrama stars were letting their hair down with their hair open. Horror show or Flying Chair, they were just hilarious. The amazing thing was the way all the actors were bonded to each other despite not knowing much about each other. it also became a reunion Eighteen Classes, The Sound of Magic And love in the moonlight Starcast Now we miss him so much! Young Actors Retreat: 5 Reasons Why Indian Television Should Skip Bigg Boss And Adopt Korean Variety Show,

The stars have given us hope that if . Director of Young Actors Retreat Ever think about Season 2, they’ll all be games. Till then we are re-watching our favorite moments from the show. Here are five of them.

weird first date

It is not that the stars participating in the series did not know about each other. Park Bo Gum and Park Seo-joon made cameos in each other’s shows (Eighteen Class, Record of Youth) but they are not close friends. So the awkwardness between the teams was obvious. Eventually, sports helped him break the ice and bond. The reason we love it is because we all hesitate when we meet people we’re not very familiar with. It is completely related. We loved that they didn’t offer a pretentious atmosphere only to turn into bitter rivals later.

flying chairs game

We haven’t laughed in so many years as we laughed while watching return of young actors, It’s a flying chair game where gestures can dump you in a pool and you have no way of knowing why or when. The reactions that the actors gave on drowning in the water or drifting uphill to fall in the pool are priceless. Hwang In-yup became the most affected victim here.

Park Seo Joon messes up the memory game beautifully!

We know this may not be the moment to look again, but PSJ still looks hot when it comes to spoiling his team’s chances. That face is enough what we feel. Just look at this scene, isn’t it hilarious? It was so real… that moment when you know the answer but can’t remember it. so we! PSJ made up for their lack of nerves with the ‘Ghosts Don’t Scar Me’ feat during the first game and completely supervised an eatery!

Hwang In-yup is so good!

Hwang In-yup being a part of this show is enough to make us watch this series again and again. He is such a cute kitten that you will want to protect him. Most contestants like this actor who is terrified of everything, panics before every game, makes strangely complex gestures in whisper challenges, and tries to interact with people despite being extremely shy, In-yop has won us over again and again here again. He never asks for any activity, even if he is not comfortable with many. Yeop should do more variety shows! He is a treat to watch!

fan reactions

In the finale, all three teams prepare their own menus for the fans selected by the crew. It was something PSJ promised when eighteen class was about to be broadcast. These fans were so moved by the presence of their stars and the realization that they are one of them…what an amazing result of this particular show. Young Actors Retreat: 5 Things We Learned From Kim Yoo Jung, Park Seo Joon, Hwang In Yup and the Korean Variety Show

While the above five reasons make Young Actors Retreat The unforgettable, what we will miss the most, is the feel-good feeling it gives us every weekend. We will never feel that feeling again!

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