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‘Yellowstone’ star Cole Hauser says Kevin Costner taught him to be ‘a gentleman on set’: ‘It’s inspiring’

Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner As “Yellowstone” gears up for Season 5, they’re closer than ever.

The Western drama, produced by Taylor Sheridan, explores how John Dutton, played by Costner, is handling life as the governor of Montana and the unexpected challenges the role brings to his family. The hit series, which has attracted surprising fans like Drake, has been airing since 2018. The new season premiered on Sunday.

Hauser told Fox News Digital that he and his TV father-in-law have bonded over the years.

Cole Hauser, right, as Rip Wheeler, as John Dutton's son-in-law to Kevin Costner.

Cole Hauser, right, as Rip Wheeler, as John Dutton’s son-in-law to Kevin Costner.
(Photo by Fraser Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

,[What surprised me about Costner is] What kind of human being is he,” the 47-year-old said of the 67-year-old. “Before an actor or as a creative soul he is just a person. he’s from that kind of area in california [that I’m from], He is from Ventura. I am from Santa Barbara. And knowing him over the past five years, I mean, I’ve learned a lot about being a gentleman on set and just being a class act… [a] a family. I have three kids, a wonderful wife. And that’s just someone to watch in my opinion. And then creatively, his storytelling, his desire and desire to continue to push the envelope as a… producer… it’s inspiring.”

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helped launch the series western comeback in hollywood,

After the Costner-led “Yellowstone” hit, the Paramount+ streaming service ordered a “1932” series about the roots of the Dutton family. In February, the service also announced that the first prequel, “1883,” would return for a second season. It stars Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

"yellowstone," Under the leadership of Kevin Costner, the Western is beginning to make a comeback in Hollywood.

Under the leadership of Kevin Costner, “Yellowstone” marks the beginning of a Western comeback in Hollywood.
(Paramount Networks)

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Despite the show’s success, Hauser admitted that “it ain’t easy” leaving his family behind for a long time. to film in montana, He and his wife, photographer and former actress Cynthia Daniels, have been married since 2006.

Cole Hauser and his wife Cynthia Daniels attend the 56th Annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 9, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cole Hauser and his wife Cynthia Daniels attend the 56th Annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 9, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

“The kids are growing up,” he said. “I have an 18-year-old, a 14-year-old and a 9-year-old. It’s not easy being away five, six months a year. But I try to come back. They come during the summer when they’re not at school And not playing games. We make it work. But always trying to be better to make sure I’m around… especially my two eldest boys. They definitely need me So it’s a job to navigate both.”

Hauser notes that he’s always eager to help his kids embrace the great outdoors, especially when he’s filming. The actor, who grew up in Oregon, previously told People magazine that his childhood was filled with riding horses and “walking around with cows.”

“They love to fish,” he claimed. “We fish a lot at Bitterroot and it’s our time to relax, talk about life and what’s going on with them. And then we sit there under the stars. Montana to spend time with your loved one. A very peaceful place for people, family and friends… You have to study for the week, of course, but on weekends, I dedicate as much time to them as I can. I just make time for them. “

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Cole Hauser had to attend 'Cowboy Camp' to play Rip Wheeler.

Cole Hauser had to attend ‘Cowboy Camp’ to play Rip Wheeler.
(Paramount Networks)

Playing Rip Wheeler is no easy feat. Hauser described how the role required grueling hours devoted to “cowboy camp”, devoting their daily training to effortless riding and ropes.

“You have to put in saddle time,” he said. “There’s no way around it. You’re going to be sore for the first week, 10 days… You have to be great as a horseman. And Taylor [Sheridan] The five years have been great to keep me with some of the best in the business when it comes to growing and not only getting better. [in] My job as a cowboy, but also in the world of being a great horseman. So I am blessed and fortunate to have these people around me. And I will continue to do it. I mean, there’s no way you can ever be great at it. It’s one of those things that you have to keep working on.”

Additionally, being right in the mountains of Montana has its benefits. Hauser said that along the way, he’s learned some valuable lessons from real-life cowboys.

Cole Hauser broke his back before filming the first season of Yellowstone.

Cole Hauser broke his back before filming the first season of Yellowstone.
(Paramount Networks)

“It’s all about discipline and consistent riding,” he said. “It’s important to always be on the lookout for the little diamonds they give you along the way, whether it’s roping, cutting or riding. We’ve got some of the greatest pros around when it comes to riding in the world. You open your ears. And listen. Thankfully, I think they’re very happy with what I’m doing.”

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Shortly before Hauser took the role of Wheeler, he broke his back after falling from a horse filming the movie “The Last Champion”. At first, he was concerned about his ability to ride again, but as the saying goes, if you fall off a horse, you’re back right away.

“It was a little rough, but a lot of it is mental,” Starr said. “And what I found [with] Getting back on the saddle is how I strengthened my back because your core is such a big thing when it comes to riding. And so, it really helped me when I broke my back… three months before I got the job, and then got back on the horse and really just doing my core work.

Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser have bonded over the years while on set.

Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser have bonded over the years while on set.
(Photo by Hollywood to You/Star Max/GC Images)

“It fixed my back,” he insisted. “In fact, it starts hurting when I actually stop riding. So the months when I get off in the middle of ‘Yellowstone’ and go back to work are when I have to make sure to keep going. Is that my core is strong. ‘Cause as you age… the body begins to break down.”

Hauser smiled when told that, likely, he was meant to be on a horse.

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“I started that way and I think I’ll end that way,” he said.

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