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Why Tom Brady Ignores Social Media Commentary

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He and wife amid rumors Gisele Bundchen are lead to divorceThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback opens up about his approach to social media.

“I think the point is, everybody just needs to be authentic for who they are,” the six-time Super Bowl champion said on an October 17 episode of the Sirius XM podcast. lets go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, ,You know, some people take it in different ways and it just has to work for them as part of your personality. So i say thingsYou know, in the moment with me, my style is to just ignore as much as I can.,

After all, his followers—and his haters—don’t always see every aspect of the story. “Most of the people involved in the conversation don’t have a complete idea of ​​what’s really going on,” Brady continued. “Certainly in football it’s a challenge because, you know, there are very few nuances and details to a very complex game in terms of strategy and what you’re trying to achieve. Really any group that really I can’t help us.”