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Why Sensate Focus is One of the Most Popular Sex Therapy Techniques

Sexual problems can arise from both physical and psychological sources. Couples trying to navigate these issues together can feel like they’ve tried too many different outlets to find answers. While health conditions, stress, trauma, and a myriad of other causes must be addressed, what happens when other treatments and therapies are not producing the results the couple wants? In some situations, the solution may be closer than couples think. Sometimes simple exercises can make a big difference to the way couples experience sex. Sensate Focus is one of these sex therapy techniques, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, read on to learn more.

This article will explain what Senset Focus is, the steps involved, what conditions it may be effective in treating, and what makes the technique popular.

What is Senset Focus?

Senset Focus is a sex therapy Techniques that emphasize both touching and being touched. It serves as a way to improve the quality of communication surrounding sex, increase intimacy between partners, and reduce the occurrence of anxiety-producing thoughts about sexual performance.

This type of therapy involves a series of exercises that focus on touch, encouraging both individuals and couples to appreciate the sensations they are experiencing. The concept of touching with participants without any expectations or preconceived notions is an important part of making it effective.

According to the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)SenseFocus is best described as an exercise centered around mindful touch.

What are the steps involved?

Like many types of sex therapy, the steps that participants take during a Sensate Focus exercise can vary somewhat. However, this sex therapy technique was originally developed five basic steps, Each stage is designed to gradually build on the one before and couples are encouraged to appreciate simple touch as it applies to both sexual and non-sexual contact.

step 1

Phase 1 focuses on non-genital touch. During this phase, the participants sit together naked and one person begins as the one giving the touch while the other receives it. The participants switch roles halfway through this phase. One person lies down in a comfortable position while the other touches them anywhere other than the breast or genital area. The move is aimed at sensuality rather than sexual arousal.

During this phase, the recipient should refrain from commenting on the other’s routine unless something feels uncomfortable.

step 2

This stage is similar to the first stage, but during stage 2, the toucher is allowed to touch the breast and genital areas. The goal should still be exploration rather than deliberate sexual arousal, but it’s okay if sexual desire is heightened.

During this phase, the recipient may place their hand on the toucher’s hand and provide nonverbal guidance. Once again, the participants switched roles halfway through the episode.

step 3

This phase is an extension of the first two phases, but during phase 3, participants use oil, lotion, or lubricant when touching. For best effect, the material to be applied should be warm and soothing.

During this part of the exercise, it may be especially easy to focus on the sensation of touch, along with smell and temperature.

step 4

During this phase, both participants are allowed to touch each other simultaneously. again, the goal is still exploration and focus on feelings Everyone experiences. This stage may also include using the lips or tongue to touch, but should not include kissing or mouth-to-genital contact.

step 5

The move is also called the “erotic intercourse” move because although the move contains sexual elements, it is still focuses on sexuality and sensory awareness. This move can lead to sexual activity, but participants are encouraged to avoid falling into the habitual, mechanical behaviors that come with intercourse.

This step can proceed however the participants wish. The main goal of this phase is to be mindful of the sensations that each participant experiences, which heightens arousal, improves intimacy, and can lead to more fulfilling sexual encounters.

sensory focus application

certified sex therapist Often recommend Senset Focus to couples who struggle with multiple sexual disorders. For example, Sensate Focus can be effective in resolving body image issues, working through relationship issues centered around sex, increasing desire and arousal, and even treating erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. counter ejaculation.

This technique can also encourage couples Devote more time to foreplay By paying them more attention to the sensations that come with touch.

Sex therapists understand that human sexuality is a complex subject. A range of physical or mental health problems can contribute to trouble performing sexually, so many professionals will encourage clients to address other underlying health concerns prior to (or in conjunction with) sex therapy techniques.

Popularity of Senset Focus

this type of therapy can be Effective for those struggling with performance issues, decreased sensation, or pain during intercourse. It is a natural, healthy way to address sexual dysfunction and investigate the underlying causes of problems experienced by couples.

When sex therapists recommend sensory focus and provide thorough instruction to clients, touch-focused therapy can Help couples experience a more fulfilling sex life, It is a safe, gentle process that can be combined with other types of sex therapy as well as sex education. As such, it can reduce anxiety, reduce stress levels and allow sexual activity to happen based on what feels best.

In addition, this technique is one of the most popular exercises recommended by sex therapists because it can be done at home without any additional supplies (besides the ones used in step 3). It is inclusive of individuals with different abilities and limitations, and the steps can be adjusted according to the needs of the participants.

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