WHY Didn’t Teresa Giudice Have Luis Ruelas Sign a Prenup?

a lot of people have thrown a lot Shadows over Teresa Giudice marrying Luis Ruellas,

From friends to fans to their own families, people are worried about them.

In fact, Andy Cohen even feels anxious… especially upon learning of something dangerous.

Teresa and Louis never signed a prenup before tying the knot. Why?

Bravocon 2022 is over.

During the convention and in the hotel lobby, there was a lot of drama.

No, we haven’t forgotten the hot exchange between Joe Gorga and Jennifer Aydin. Glass.

However, during BravoCon, Andy Cohen filmed a special episode of watch live what happens,

During that time he talked to Teresa Giudice.

In return, she revealed to the audience that she and Louis had not signed a prenuptial agreement.

Teresa offered a simple explanation: “True love.”

The crowd responded to Trey’s revelation the same way anyone with common sense and no humility would.

He openly thrashed her fiercely.

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Clearly, most people invested in Teresa’s life — from friends to family to fans — don’t like Louis.

They find him off-putting. And many of us feel deeply intrigued by what we’ve heard about Louis’ relationship history.

But prenup anxiety goes deeper than that.

Simply put, fans are worried about Teresa’s future – both for herself and for her four daughters.

Anything can happen. and his rule The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Won’t last forever.

In a divorce without a premarital agreement, New Jersey state law will determine the division of property for her and Louis.

Naturally, Teresa’s longtime fans fear he could potentially take her to the cleaners.

Statistically speaking, after divorce, a man’s standard of living improves, while his ex-wife’s standard of living does the opposite.

Obviously, this is a generalization based on evidence and not a

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However, earlier this year, Teresa claimed that signing a prenup was up to Louis, not him.

She said she was willing to sign one if Louis asked her. According to him, Louis is richer than him.

“I would never take anything from him, I am not like that,” she said.

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Andy’s primary role as a talk show host is to ask questions and chat, but even that couldn’t stop his alarm.

During that earlier interview, he encouraged Teresa to change her mind.

In the end, he let the matter rest, saying: “Okay. personal decision. ,

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So, Teresa cites “true love” for whatever it’s worth.

He also claimed that it is not the richest party.

But the “real” answer, some of her longtime fans speculate, may have less to do with Louis and more to do with his ex.

Teresa Giudice wants to make peace
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was in an uncharacteristically reconciled mood.

In 1999, Teresa married Joe Giudice. At that time, she signed a prenup.

Joe asked them to sign the agreement just a week before they tied the knot.

The last-minute pressure and the lack of romance in her made Teresa have second thoughts. It seems that the emotional burden from this is now influencing her decisions.