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What John Krasinski’s Daughters Really Think of The Office

Children are the harshest critics.

In an exclusive interview with E! news, emily blante found out that she and her husband John Krasinski Was recently brave enough to open himself up to criticism from his two daughters: Walnut8, and purple6.

“They have seen Mary Poppins And Jungle Cruise,” said Emily, “and they have seen some of these.” The OfficeWhich he liked very much.”

Emily starred together Lin-Manuel Miranda in 2018 Mary Poppins Returns with and dwayne johnson in 2021 Jungle Cruise, Of course, John. Starred as Jim Halpert in all nine seasons of Dear NBC Sitcom,

While the girls clearly enjoyed the antics of Michael Scott and the rest dunder mifflin crewEmily jokingly said that her daughters are not letting her raise her big head.

“They really don’t want to see us on screen,” she said. “They have that ownership of us as parents. It’s not that they don’t like running to see me in a movie, which keeps you humble.”