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What Happened When Blake Lively Gifted Will Ferrell Jelly Tap Shoes

It is always better to give than to receive.

When will Ferrell Signed up to participate in the Holiday movie brave with Ryan Reynolds, the actor hoped that he could bring some happiness to those who watch the film. Little did he know that he would receive a special gift of his own—from the one and only Blake Lively,

According to brave choreographer chloe arnoldFerrell was at rehearsal with his co-star when the pair decided to have some extra fun.

“There was this hilarious moment when Ryan walks out of a pair of shoes to gift Will and I was like, ‘Why is he gifting him? We have shoes,'” Chloe shared with E! ! News in exclusive conversation. “They’re a pair of jellies with taps on them. The course will put them on and after about two steps, the jelly separates, the taps separate.”

But wait, there’s more!

When asked about the incident, Ferrell confirmed the gift and the unexpected surprise that followed.