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What Caelynn Miller-Keyes Thinks About Having Kids With Dean Unglert

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a few weeks later getting engaged To Dean UnglertThe bachelor in heaven The alum is set to see her future filled with a dream wedding and perhaps a family of her own.

“We’re talking about it more and more,” Kellyanne shared with E! News in exclusive conversation. “When we first started dating, we didn’t think it would probably last a few months. Over the years, we’ve come to trust and love each other and so remain open to the idea of ​​marriage and now family. ”

While Dean and Kellyanne aren’t rushing things, their recent conversation suggests that having a baby won’t be the most shocking news. graduate nation,

“I’m 27 years old,” she said. “I’m thinking maybe like 32-ish, if we want to. We’re still on the fence, but we’re leaning more toward yes.”

In addition, Dean has already indicated that he is great with children.