“We’ve Turned The Noise Down” – Deadline

FCC headmaster Jessica Rosenworcel He said he hoped the results of today’s election would help break a long-standing 2-2 tie over the regulatory commission, but he also defended the body’s stalemate record during his leadership.

“We have reduced the noise, and increased the number of things we are doing,” he said, alluding to the profile of the commission under his predecessor Ajit Pai as chairman. at the behest of the former president Donald TrumpWhen the five-man commission leaned 3-2 in favor of Republicans, Pai led a series of dramatic rollbacks of longstanding media rules. In-spite of this Joe BidenAfter Trump’s defeat, Pai stepped down and Democrats candidate Gigi Sohn influenced his prospects by Congress. The former FCC staffer and progressive activist has never received a full hearing in the Senate, despite the general dynamic of the commission leaning toward the president’s party.

Speaking during a Paley International Council Summit panel in New York, Rosenworcel said he was ready to election Day To provide more clear direction for the FCC. The Senate’s current 50-50 tie leans toward Democrats as Vice President Kamala Harris may step in to sever ties, but many centrists have raised concerns about Sohan.

“The agency was designed by Congress to have five commissioners, so I think it works best to have five,” Rosenworcel said. “I would like to have a majority in the agency, but I wake up every day wondering what I can do.” Even though the body remained at 2-2, she continued, “I’m an optimist. We’re going to do as much as we have time.”

Despite the impasse, Rosenworcel said, “we’ve done a lot.” He counted achievements in areas like affordable broadband, national security, network security. Spectrum auctions and the response to climate change. Rosenworcel noted that her term as the first female president in the FCC’s 87-year history began during a stalemate, so that’s the only operating environment she knows from her leadership seat. (She first joined the commission as a member in 2012.)

The 30-minute conversation covered a few other topics, including a recent statement by FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, a Republican, who called for a ban on TikTok in the US due to his concerns about user data being handled by the Chinese government. has been proposed.

“To be clear, this issue is not within our jurisdiction,” Rosenworcel said. “Although I appreciate the comments my colleagues are making.”