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Watch Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Reunite on SNL

Live from New York, it’s another epic Kenan and Kel Reunion!

klay mitchell made a cameo on saturday night live on December 3, marking the first time on the NBC series. he appeared in a sketch with cast members Kenan Thompsonhis former co-star on the hit nickelodeon Comedian, and Guest Host keke palmer,

In the skit, the trio act out and provide behind-the-scenes commentary about a mock Kenan and Kel reboot, a drama series titled cannon and kellyIn which the pregnancy of the actress is also included. Keke had confirmed the rumors that she is expecting her first child with her bare baby bump during snl Monologue.

In cannon and kelly Sketchy, Kell makes a dramatic entrance and an equally dramatic exit. “The show’s not good,” Kennan breaks into a confessional statement, before jokingly adding, “But Jordan Peele Called us.”

Cale says, “He wants us to do a sequel No,