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Watch Ashton Kutcher and Savannah Guthrie Chug Morning Beers Together

This is the Breakfast of Champions.

Before running the New York City Marathon on November 6th, Ashton Kutcher stopped by today performance where Savannah Guthrie Helped him with an important part of training: Carbo-loading. However, instead of sharing a plate of pasta, they drank a beer each. beer after all Is a carb.

“Wait, wait, shall we chew it?” Ashton asked, to which Savannah replied, “Don’t dare me. This is crazy.”

As soon as they were ready to say “bottom to top,” That ’70s Show “We are also promoting excessive drinking, which is probably not the best thing,” the actor said.

However, that didn’t stop the pair as they chug their beer, finishing within seconds of each other.

as an influencer Carson Daly Commented, “Wow, that’s a marathon worth watching.” “I went to college,” Kutcher joked.

However, about 10 seconds later Savannah began to feel the effects. “Oh my god,” she said. “Wow. I might need to close the next few sections.”

Still, she finished the November 4 segment like a champ. Holding her belly, she said, “Ashton, thanks. Good luck. I feel so bad. Don’t do this at home.”