VALIMAI [Hindi] suffers from its long length and complicated narrative. The Hindi version might struggle at the BO


Valimai review {2.0/5} and review rating

VALIMAI is the story of an honest cop who is fighting a bike gang. Chennai has become a hub of drugs, especially one that comes from Colombia. Suddenly a bike gang has come to the fore in Tamil Nadu city. It steals drugs from Colombia whenever it is docked in Chennai. However, their way of working is unique. When they steal drugs, they also commit murder and are involved in chain snatching incidents. With cases ever increasing, Arjun (Ajit Kumar), an honest and honest cop, is called upon to solve the case. Arjun is the first to join the dots and realizes that chain snatching, murder and drugs are all intertwined. He is also able to use his intelligence and discovers that the leader of this biker gang Naren (Karthikeya Gummakonda) is using the dark web to do his job. He almost finds his place too. However, the alert Naren learns that he is about to be caught and escapes. Naren challenges Arjun and their battle turns ugly, especially when Naren drags Arjun’s family into madness. What happens next becomes the rest of the film.

H Vinoth’s story has potential. H Vinoth’s screenplay, however, is not up to the mark. The narrative is not simple and it takes a while to understand what is really happening. Dialogues in Hindi are fine.

H Vinoth’s direction has wide appeal. Obviously he knows how to handle grandeur. He has handled some scenes exceptionally. The part where Arjun is able to hack Naren’s site is great and is the best part of the film. Arjun’s entry is also heroic. On the other hand, the execution is unstable in many places. One should ideally not seek logic in such films. Yet, in some scenes, there is a complete lack of understanding and some incidents become difficult to digest. Hence, when the protagonist faces problems one is not even sympathetic. Also, the villains are presented in a caricature manner.

Talking about the performance, Ajith Kumar is in excellent form. He brings out the star power that was required in a film of this scale. Kartikeya Gummakonda is on top in the role of the villain. Huma Qureshi (Sofia) is decent. Bani J (Sara) is fine and suits the role. LUDO. Kay Pearle Mane (Christina) [2020] Fame is lovely. Actors who play Sumitra (Arjun’s mother), Achyut Kumar (Kundan: Arjun’s alcoholic brother) and Arjun’s brother Ashu, Kundan’s wife Chitra, Selva, Adhikari Sarkar and Officer Sasan are popular.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is ruined as Valimai ideally should have been a song-less film. ‘Mother Song’ And ‘saw blood’ are forgettable. ‘whistle theme’ Charming but it is withdrawn in the background. ‘wealth rich’ Missing in Hindi version. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is superb.

Boney Kapoor: “Valimai has great action never seen before” | Ajith Kumar | Salman Khan

Nirav Shah’s cinematography is breathtaking. Dilip Subbaryan’s action is gorgeous and engaging. K Kadhir’s art direction is first class. Anu Vardhan’s costume is attractive. Vijay Velukutty’s editing is poor. The film should have been 20 minutes shorter.

Overall, Valimai [Hindi] Suffers from long length, complicated narrative and lack of logic. At the box office, due to limited buzz, it would struggle to find an audience. Business may be slightly respectable in B and C centers due to mass element.