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Urfi Javed Bold Photos: उर्फी जावेद ने ट्रांसपेरेंट ड्रेस पहनकर दिखाई अपनी अंडरगारमेंट्स, हॉट फोटोज से देखकर उड़े फैंस के होश

Urfi Javed Bold Photos: Uri Javed has once again crossed the limits of boldness while being in discussion among people due to his peculiar fashion. Spotted by the media outside a restaurant on the right night where she was seen in a green passion dress. Because of this, Ari’s undergarments are also looking clean, due to which people are angry about his fashion. Many people have expressed their anger by reprimanding Uri.

Uri Javed (Photo Credits: Yogen Shah)

Uri Javed (Photo Credits: Yogen Shah)

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