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Uncharted (English) Review {3.0/5} and Review Rating

unsolved The story of two men trying to find a lost treasure. The film starts 15 years ago. Nathan aka Nate is a child and his older brother is Sam Drake. The two try to steal a map belonging to the Magellan expedition. However, they are caught red handed. Sam, however, escapes and promises Nate that he will find him. Currently New York, Nate (tom holland) works as a bartender and even steals valuables from wealthy guests without a doubt. One day she meets Victor Sullivan aka Sully (Mark Wahlberg) at the bar. Sully is a treasure hunter and has worked with Sam on an expedition in the past. Sully claims that Sam haunted her after the two stole a valuable diary. Due to Sam’s connection, Nate agrees when Sully asks her for help – to find the Magellan treasure. According to legend and the contents of the diary, the treasure is hidden in a place that has been locked with the help of two keys. Sam already has a key. The second key is about to be auctioned in New York. Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) is eager to buy this key at auction. It was his family that funded the Magellan expedition. Therefore, he feels that the treasure Magellan has hidden belongs to him. He is aided by Joe Braddock (Tati Gabrielle), a ruthless mercenary. Sully plans to steal the keys from the auction house with Nate’s help. The two team up and manage to steal it. At one point, Nate is nearly caught and Sully simply escapes because she found the key without even trying to help Nate. This makes Nate realize that Sully cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, they travel to Barcelona, ​​Spain because the treasure is believed to be hidden. Here he meets Chloe Fraser (Sofia Ali). Here, Sully learns that Chloe is the one with the other key. She also warns him that Sully is not trustworthy. Meanwhile, Moncada reaches Barcelona and wants to find the treasure at any cost. According to the contents of the diary, the treasure is hidden under a pine tree. Sully is surprised because there are innumerable pine trees in Barcelona. However, Nate correctly guesses that the treasure is not under a tree but in St. Mary’s of Pine Church. They enter the sacred space and are able to find an underground passage that hopefully leads to the treasure. What happens next becomes the rest of the film.


UNCHARTED is based on a video game of the same name. The story of Raphae Lee Judkins, John Hanley Rosenberg and Mark D Walker neatly blends entertainment and adventure. The screenplay by Raphae Lee Judkins, Art Markham and Matt Holloway is simple yet full of fun and thrilling moments. The chemistry between the main characters is also neatly presented. However, too many developments defy logic. In addition, it is a bhel puri In many films of this genre. The dialogues are simple and funny all over the place.

Ruben Fleischer’s direction is first class and does justice to the written material. Many such adventure movies can be very fast paced at times. Uncharted, however, is an exception. The director allows the narrative to develop organically. Still, the film doesn’t seem to drag on and packs a lot in 117 minutes. While the film gives the audience their money’s worth, it will also give them a déj vu of movies like Red Notice, Indiana Jones, Fast and Furious, National Treasure, etc. Some of the developments are very disjointed while the way the two important characters get together the raw deal in the second half will not be acceptable to many.

Uncharted starts on an exciting and unexpected note and sets the mood. The flashback portion begins in a non-dramatic manner. However, the order of the auction house sets the mood. The chase sequence in Barcelona is entertaining. The scene in which the three enter the church is quite lengthy and is a gripping part of the film. The turning point at the mid-point may be predictable to many. Nevertheless, what happens next remains to be seen. Mid-air drama Deewana Hai. The finale is predictable again but the way things unfold is worth watching. The film ends with the promise of a sequel.

Tom Holland effortlessly slips into Nate’s part. One can forget his iconic role of Spider-Man and that is a huge win. Mark Wahlberg plays a role that is reminiscent of Ryan Reynolds. However, he brings his own style and touch and it works. Sofia Ali acts confidently. She deserved more screen time. Tati Gabrielle is great in the role of the badass antagonist. Antonio Banderas is decent but his role feels like a caricature.

Ramin Djawadi’s music is nothing extraordinary. Chung-hoon Chung’s cinematography is superb and the aerial shots in particular are very well shot. Shepherd Frankel’s production design is rich. The underground church set, in particular, is spectacular. Anthony Franco and Marlene Stewart’s costumes are charming. The action adds to the fun and is without any gore. The VFX, as expected, is mind-blowing. Editing by Chris Lebenzen and Richard Pearson is slick.

Overall, Uncharted is a delectable masala entertainer. It has been released widely, as it took advantage of the lack of other films in theaters this week. At the box office, it has had a good chance of scoring due to its wide appeal and the casting of Tom Holland.