Trailer Watch: “Ziwe” Returns to Tackle Social Issues With Humor & Irreverence in Season 2

“Ziwe” is back to face hot-button issues and harass celebs. “Diversity Training Isn’t Enough. I’m Ready To Go To The Diversity War!” Zive Fumudoh, who wields a chain, made the announcement in the trailer for the second part of his talk show. The late-night show is returning in full force with a wide assortment of guests — talk-show host and actress Drew Barrymore, “Glee” alumna Amber Riley, and “Uncut Gems” breakout Julia Fox, to name a few. Who should tackle Zive’s voluminous questions about race, gender, politics and social issues.

To make her celebrity interviewers a little uneasy with her discussion topics, Zive asks Barrymore on a cotton candy-pink set reminiscent of Barbie’s Dreamhouse, where she stands at the Emancipation Proclamation. “I’m in favor of freedom, is that the right answer?” The “ET” actress reluctantly offers. “You tell me, Drew,” quipped Ziwe.

In another conversation, Zive asked Boston Celtics player Blake Griffin, “How often do you compare yourself to the most powerful black women in America?” To which the power forward replies, “More than you would think.”

“It’s a variety show in the truest sense of the word, as it has music, guests, field pieces, sketches, and fake ads,” ziwe has said, “I’m only doing important work that’s hopefully funny, so the show is what you interpret, it fits into so many genres. It’s broadening the definition of what comedy means.”

As Zive himself says in the trailer, “Let’s start the spectacle!”

Apart from hosting, Zivee is also the producer, executive producer and writer of the show. Among her other writing credits is Apple TV+’s “Dickinson”, which starred Hailee Steinfeld as 19-century poet Emily Dickinson.

ZIVE Showtime starts November 18.