Trailer Watch: Valerie Kontakos Salutes NYC Rebel Chelly Wilson in “Queen of the Deuce” 

“Everything You Said About Her Was Made Up,” Says A New Trailer For Valerie Kontakos’ “Queen Of The Deuce.” one of our most Anticipated title screening at DOC NYC,” The doc recounts the life and exploits of Greek-born business magnate Chelly Wilson.

“Queen of the Deuce” examines the legacy of Wilson’s gay porn cinema empire and her social, entrepreneurial dominance over “The Deuce”, New York’s infamous 42nd Street. Described in the synopsis as “a Jewish grandmother celebrating Christmas, a lesbian married to men, and a proud owner of porn theaters in 1970s NYC”, Wilson was a walking contradiction whose self-contradictions led her to Emerge as a business tycoon, matriarch, and driven. Socialite in New York in the ’70s. With audio recordings of Wilson and interviews with family members, the doctor reveals [Wilson] poses as a taboo-breaking entrepreneur and traces the fateful events that lead to his departure from Europe on the eve of war and the unconventional trajectories of his American business ventures and personal life.

Against a backdrop of social movements including feminism, gay pride and the sexual revolution, Wilson’s story offers an alternative to what immigrant success in America might look like. As the “Queen of Deuce”, she wrote her own rules. “My mother will never apologize for who she was,” Wilson’s child insists in the trailer.

Wilson died in 1994.

Kontakos most recently directed “Mana,” a 2015 film about six friends who made headlines in Greece when they ran away from home and joined a convent. The young women started a shelter for abandoned and abused children.

‘Queen of the Deuce’ is now showing at DOC NYC.