Trailer Watch: “Love, Lizzo” Charts of Meteoric Rise of the Grammy-Winning Artist

It’s Bad Bitch PM: The trailer for HBO’s “Love, Lizzo” has dropped. The Doctor provides never-before-seen insight into the life, career and work ethic of the unparalleled singer-rapper. The “Truth Hurts” singer, born Melissa Vivian Jefferson, said, “It took a lot of hard work to get to where I am today.” “But I found my voice. Now when people see me on stage, they see themselves.”

“Love, Lizzo,” features three years of footage collected during the Why I Love You World Tour, as well as the recording of their fourth studio album, “Special,” which was released this July. “This intimate documentary allows the multi-platinum artist to be candid about body positivity, self-love, and recognizing black women for their contributions,” the film summarizes. “Every time an artist changes not only the music, but the culture as well. Lizzo has done both. It’s the journey of a leading superstar to become a movement that the world desperately needs just as herself.”

With archival home videos as well as behind-the-scenes footage, Doc traveled from Lizzo’s debut as a classically trained flute player from Houston to a chart-topping global star.

In the trailer, Lizzo is seen narrating the discrimination she faced as a nascent artist trying to break into the industry. “Nobody was trying to sign a fat, black girl who rapped, sang and played the flute,” she explains. Despite these obstacles, it was her craft—and Lizzo’s unwavering devotion to it—that always served as a role model for her. “No matter what part of my story you fall into, I always pursue the music,” she insists. “You all have no idea how close I was to this thing.”

Among other awards, Lizzo has three Grammys to her name: Best Urban Contemporary Album for “Cuz I Love You”, Best Solo Pop Performance for “Truth Hurts” and Best Traditional R&B Performance for “German”. As an actress, Lizzo has also appeared in “Hustlers,” Lorraine Scafaria’s 2019 crime drama about strippers who dupe her Wall Street clients.

“Love, Lizzo” will be available on HBO Max on November 24.