Trailer Watch: Lizzie Gottleib’s “Turn Every Page” Pays Tribute to Robert Caro & Robert Gottlieb

“Words matter, moods matter, rhythms matter, commas matter, semicolons matter — and fights go on,” we find in Lizzie Gottlieb’s “Turn Every Page – The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb” In the latest trailer of. Doc serves as a tribute to the lifelong achievements of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Caro and his father of director, legendary editor Robert Gottlieb. Through Caro and Gottlieb, the film documents a rarely seen perspective of the writer-editor relationship in a literary partnership that has “50 years, five books, 4,888 pages — and they’re not finished yet,” the trailer description.

“Turn Every Page” follows the pair as Caro, 86, races against the clock to finish the swan song of his writing career, “The Years of Lyndon Johnson,” and Gottlieb, 91, as editor. Eagerly waiting to visit the manuscript together. Pencil. Chances are Caro might not finish this capstone project at all and may not even get a chance to edit his longtime partner, a ghost that “hooves over every scene,” The director of the film told us,

Lizzie Gottlieb explained, “I wanted to reach the delicate balance of power between them, the craft, the steadfast dedication to collaboration, and the process of writing and editing with incredible diligence.” “I really wanted to understand what it takes to create something that changes the way people understand power, and it will endure.”

Robert Gottlieb has edited the writings of Toni Morrison, Joseph Heller, Doris Lessing, Bill Clinton, John Le Carré, Nora Efron and Salman Rushdie. Still, as Lizzie Gottlieb told us, “one of his most complicated, famous and mysterious relationships” is with Caro. She emphasized, “I wanted to make this film to try to understand a wildly productive, oddly controversial, hugely important collaboration, and through it, to open a window into a secret creative process, book publishing. of a vanishing world, and the way in which the truth about power in America is revealed.”

“Turn Every Page – The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb” hits theaters on December 30. It premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.