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This $89 Walmart Suitcase Has 24,000+ 5-Star Reviews

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iFLY Hardside Luggage Review

One shopper said, “This is probably the best suitcase I’ve ever owned! It’s lightweight, durable, and perfect for business trips. I was away from home for two weeks and couldn’t fit everything I needed in it.” was capable … and it was well below the 50 pound weight limit!”

Another explained, “I travel as a volunteer teacher 100% of the time globally for over 20 years. iFly suitcases are the best I’ve ever used. Airlines are notorious on luggage, but my iFly cases hold back from constant travel abuse. The inside and outside zippers are reliable and sturdy.”

Someone explained, “When I decided to buy new stuff I looked at probably 15 stores and constantly online. IFly is a good price, it’s easy to roll through the airport, and can fit a lot of clothes on me. The only issue I had was choosing the colours.”

A suitcase fan shouted, “Best stuff I’ve ever had! I bought the trio and let me tell you… the best decision I’ve ever made! I love how simple the wheels are. Are easy to pull upright/sideways. The hardest decision when buying this stuff was deciding what color I wanted. The 10 year warranty is a plus, but I think it will last a lot longer. It’s always praised and people are shocked when I tell them how cheap it is. Many of my friends have bought the trio I recommend and they love it too. If you’re looking to buy one, then Just do it… you won’t regret it!”

“Great stuff! I bought two and both felt very sturdy, even on rough surfaces. Relatively light in weight and very spacious. I bought these after browsing more expensive brands and I am glad I Went with the iFly brand. They are a great alternative to the more expensive hardside luggage. I would definitely buy the smaller carry-on version too,” wrote one shopper.

Someone declared, “Love these suitcases! I travel a ton for my job – fly monthly. I originally bought a small gray Eyefly hardshell carryon at the last minute for a work trip. I loved how easy it was to roll up, the various compartments, the durability of the hard shell, and how light it was! After my trip, I gave my husband and I bought this 3 piece rose gold set! Love love love it!”

Another shopper urged, “Stop reading reviews and buy this – they’re great! Bought the smallest bag right before the trip and fell in love with it. Easy to pull on, love the hard shell, and decided that I want a rose gold 3 piece set. So I gave my husband the smaller one and I got a 3 piece set. Easily recognizable in luggage claim and light weight. Love these suitcases!”

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