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The White Lotus: Why We’re Really Worried About Tanya

(Warning: This article contains spoilers. white Lotus season two.)

When things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

That certainly appears to be the case with heiress Tanya McQuaid (jennifer coolidge) status is on white Lotus Season two. After being cheated on by her husband Greg (John Grice) On a romantic Sicilian getaway, gregarious English expat Quentin (tom hollander) him and his assistant Portia (Haley Lou Richardson) to party with him at his villa in Palermo.

Harmless, isn’t it? Eh, we don’t think so.

During the December 4 episode, Quentin encourages Tanya to snort a large amount of cocaine provided by a Mafia-adjacent, gun-wielding suitor. Now, motivating Tanya to be her sexiest self doesn’t have to be on its own Make Quentin the villain. but, thanks for episode oneWe know that many zombies appear in White Lotus, so it is Definitely a red flag.

Another red flag? Tanya’s assistant Portia is being suspiciously taken out of town Quentin’s fake nephew Jack ,leo woodall, Not to mention, Jack drunkenly admits to Portia that Quentin doesn’t need to sell his villa now because he’s “the money coming in.”