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The Kapil Sharma Show: Boney Kapoor Shares BTS Moments From the Sets of Anil Kapoor – Sridevi Starrer Mr India

Filmmaker Boney Kapoor recalls the success of his film Mr India Starring Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in ​​lead roles. It became the second highest grossing film of 1987 with an iconic dialogue.Mogambo is happy‘ Which people still remember today. Got First Look: Producer Boney Kapoor unveils the first look of the upcoming film starring Janhvi Kapoor! (see picture),

But the most interesting aspect of the film was the story in which a poor street violinist and philanthropist suddenly finds a watch or a cloaking device and becomes invisible after wearing it on his wrist. Boney shared some interesting behind the scenes moments during the shooting of the film when VFX was not available at that time. Promotion: The style file for Jhanvi Kapoor’s next release was a fashion fiesta in itself (view pics),

,Mr India There is a film where not a single shot was made during post-production. Everything you see in the film is shot on camera. We had an amazing team led by Anoop Patil, who had great expertise and who did major research and development. For example, if you remember the Hanuman sequence it was shot entirely manually on camera because that’s because I wasn’t a fan of post-production special effects in those days, so I avoided it as much as possible. planned. So it took us around 380 days to finish the shooting of the film. The song ‘Kate Nahi Kat Te’ took 21 days to shoot.”

In a conversation with host Kapil Sharma, he further explained why it took 21 days to shoot just one song. “For ‘Kate is not cut’We modeled a red set, and it was decided that the song would only feature Mr. But after recording, Anil requested her to be a part of the song. It was going to be a superhit song. So we added red glass houses and red mirrors at the last minute to make it clear that Anil was singing. We also built another glass house on the second floor to get the right lighting.”

“It was also the first time a wind machine was used so that the hair and Sree’s sari flowed properly. Not even the slightest skin was visible, but the choreography and music made the song sensuous and appealed to an entire generation. From the lights to the props and setup, this masterpiece will all take time to make. Also, Shree fell ill while shooting for 2-3 days, but still the song was set to a temperature. shot together,” says Bonnie, who appeared on the comedy-based reality series The Kapil Sharma Show With her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor for the promotion of the film found,

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