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The Game Honors Aaron Carter With Heartfelt Story on 2005 Encounter

“The plane wasn’t full so Aaron went back to the coach and sat down on an island and the whole row was on his own so he was chilling,” the game continued. “I felt bad about leaving her seat so I thought to myself… ‘F—k that, I’m going to sit in the coach too!!!'”

Game said he then approached Aaron, who was in his seat with his headphones on, and asked if he could sit with her.

“We ended up talking about the whole damn near 6 hour flight and I remember thinking how cool it was to talk to the guy I just saw mtv A million times who loved my little sister to death I became a star again so it was super dope. “We knew each other very well that flightThe sidekick exchanged numbers and always hugged when we’ve seen each other over the years.”