Teresa Giudice “Hurt” by Joe Gorga Shading Her Marriage: He’s Not My Brother!

real housewives of new jersey fans have heard a lot Jennifer Aydin pitching her drink On the humiliation of Joe Gorga.

But this was not the only conflict to arise at Bravocon. clearly. We are talking people who cause problems for living Everyone gathered in one place.

In fact, Jennifer was not alone ronjo There cast members who took real issue with what Joe had to say.

His sister, Teresa Giudice, is feeling both angry and hurt.

At BravoCon, Joe Gorga expressed his belief that his sister’s marriage to Luis Ruelas would not work.

Clearly, he is not alone in this feeling. Especially considering what Louis’ ancestor had to say about him.

Some things are true, but unkind to say. who knew. He said it anyway. And Teresa…is less than delighted.

Joe Gorga speaks
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga had a lot to say to his sister at the Season 12 reunion.

Teresa Giudice talks His Hello B$tches podcast About Joe’s Bravocon 2022 prediction.

“He’s not my brother,” she declared. “Like, I don’t know who he is now.”

Teresa doesn’t know “like, what kind of character she’s trying to play.”

“I was hurt by it. Louis was hurt by it,” Teresa then expressed.

I mean, as everyone saw,” she admitted.

In case anyone remembered it somehow, Teresa said that “he didn’t come to my wedding.”

Teresa Giudice poses with her bridal shower treats, including this giant cake from Platinum House of Sweets.

“It hurt us,” Teresa repeated.

“And what he just did at Bravocon,” she remarked, “it’s so mean.”

Overall, Teresa told her podcast listeners, her brother’s behavior and choices have been “very sad”.

Just to clarify, Joe didn’t unintentionally announce that his sister’s wedding would spell his doom.

Instead, both Gorgons participated in a special WWHL The episode during Bravocon.

Melissa got the question that would last longer: Teresa’s marriage to Louis, or Joe’s standup comedy “Career.” (ouch!)

Melissa Gorga: Teresa Should Leave The Real Housewives If She Hates It So Much!

Now, Melissa made the extremely diplomatic choice of refusing to answer.

“I’m about to answer this question,” announced Joe, ready to take a social pill for his wife.

“My stand-up career, baby!” After that he announced. OK, so it was voluntary, not spontaneous.

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Andy Cohen was shocked when Joe answered.

It’s not surprising that he feels that way, apparently.

But it’s a bit shocking that Joe would go on to say something that would clearly have an impact on his family relationships.

Teresa Giudice: I don't want Melissa Gorga as a bridesmaid, sorry!

Teresa has a theory as to why Joe jumped at the chance to dishonor his marriage.

According to her, she believes that Joe only wanted attention – and was using her and Louis to get it.

“I just want him to stop talking about us to try to make himself relevant,” Teresa said on her podcast.

Joe was clearly feeling in a belligerent mood during BravoCon.

Not only did he take that cheap shot at Teresa and Louis, but he also took a nasty insult on Jennifer Aydin. It wasn’t even on stage – it was in the hotel lobby. Only then do you realize that the drama is not for the benefit of the camera.

But who is suffering the consequences of this weekend of prolonged drama.