Tammy Slaton Wedding Date, Surprising Details: REVEALED!

Shah. Listen carefully to the 1,000-pound Sisters fans.

can you hear them? Was it possible to talk closer than you previously thought?

Yes, we are talking about wedding bells.

Specifically, wedding bells ring in honor of Tammy Slayton and the man she recently agreed to marry.

In news broken by The Sun last week, Slayton reportedly metFell in love and then became engaged to someone named Caleb, whom she met in rehab.

“He Started dating Caleb in rehabAnd I’m so glad they met in person and weren’t online dating,” an insider told the said website on November 4, adding:

“They have so many struggles that they can share. They’ve been a great support for each other.” [in rehab]Which is great.”

As you probably know, Slayton nearly a year ago saw his weight balloon to over 600 pounds.

She suffered a medical coma in late 2021 and was even put in a coma by doctors to save her life.

Shortly after, Tammy checked into a rehab facility.

It was there that he got to know Caleb, and it was in the parking lot outside this building where Caleb proposed and Tammy answered in the affirmative.

Surya also posted a video of the engagement as it happened.

Now, in the meantime, The Sun is providing an update on Tammy and Caleb’s situation.

They’re apparently scheduled to get married on Saturday, November 19… inside the same facility that each has called home for several months.

While a few friends of the couple are expected to attend the festivities, Tammy’s younger sister and 1000 lb. The sisters’ co-star, Amy Slayton Halterman, won’t be one of them.

She has two young sons at home and just looks like the journey from her Kentucky home to an Ohio treatment center for the wedding will be too long.

Slayton will be at the facility until at least the end of the year, while we can’t say for sure when Caleb plans to move.

As Tammy has gradually become able to stand up, walk short distances, and move on her own, the couple is also looking at traveling to Florida for some sort of honeymoon early next year.

In related news, it appears Tammy has lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, a procedure she underwent late last summer.

Amy had this same surgery years ago and so has been able to get pregnant and have an immediate family.

Tammy Slayton on the Air
Tammy Slayton speaks in a confessional statement on an episode of the TLC series 1,000-LB Sisters here.

“It was a little scary, but she recovered quickly,” a friend told The Sun, adding:

“The first few days were really tough for her, but she was still able to talk and put up with it.”

In the meantime, nurses are “monitoring Tammy and making sure she remains on her diet post-surgery.

“She’s adjusting well and [her body] His drugs have not been rejected.”