Tammy Slaton: ENGAGED in Rehab! Planning to Get Married Very Soon!


Tammy Slayton had a romantic blast on the world of reality television.

According to The Sun, the longtime 1,000-pound Sisters star accepted an offer this week from a guy named Caleb, whom she had met while in rehab.

(The reality TV star has been attempting to recover at the facility since she lost her life several months ago due to a medical crisis related to her severe obesity.)

The above outlet also obtained video footage of Slayton agreeing to marry her boyfriend in a parking lot outside her weight loss clinic in Ohio… complete with a diamond ring and kisses on the lips and everything. .

“He Started dating Caleb in rehabAnd I’m so glad they met in person and weren’t dating online,” an insider told this website on Friday, adding:

“They have so many struggles that they can share. They’ve been a great support for each other.” [in rehab]Which is great.”

back in may, Slayton was engaged to a different person Inside the same rehabilitation building.

Tammy Slayton on TLC Episodes

The 1,000-lb Sisters cast member has been silent on social media for quite some time since receiving backlash for posting so many selfies and silly videos ever since she was supposed to focus on her health.

He Critics clapped loudly this past springBut has since chosen to stay away from the spotlight, while hopefully doing everything possible to lose weight and prepare herself for gastric bypass surgery.

Last we heard, it was surgery delayed due to some kind of shock,

However, on the contrary, her now-fiancé’s marriage is reportedly progressing in full swing.

1000-pound sisters photo
Say hello to the 1000-pound sisters. This is a promotional photo of Amy and Tammy Slayton.

“The couple plans to have a small, private ceremony in Ohio this month,” The Sun reports, adding that Tammy and Caleb have already submitted applications to obtain their marriage license. .

Caleb is also reportedly moving to Kentucky to be with Tammy.

Might these marriages show up in 1,000-pound Sisters Season 4 as well?

We cannot say anything for sure at the moment.

tammy slayton video still
Tammy Slayton talks to her fans in this screen capture from a video shared online in early 2022.

At the start of his second rehab stint late last year, meanwhile, Slayton reached 639 pounds; He must weigh less than 400 pounds to qualify for the surgery described above.

Tammy has been able to breathe even after living with a tracheotomy for the past year or so after falling into a medically induced coma in late 2021.

She “hates” it, a friend told The Sun this summer, while also telling the outlet that Tammy only has to use the device on a part-time basis these days.

What does it all mean to move on?

Tammy Slayton on the Air
Tammy Slayton speaks in a confessional statement on an episode of the TLC series 1,000-LB Sisters here.

The series has yet to be renewed for a new season.

However, brother Amy has voiced late to film more episodes, provided she has more time than in the past to raise her two young children.

Tammy doesn’t say much about Chance, instead preferring to tell her critics whenever they give her a tough time.

Slayton hit back at this loser a few months ago, saying, “Maybe stay in your alley, worry about your own self and not worry about what I do.”