Sunny Leone asks Dhruvin Bhasin to slow down, zip his mouth

'Splitsvilla X4': Sunny Leone asks Dhruvin Bhasin to shut his mouth in slow motion
‘Splitsvilla X4’: Sunny Leone asks Dhruvin Bhasin to shut his mouth in slow motion (Photo Credits- Show Still)

Splitsvilla X4 contestants Joshua Chhabra and Dhruvin Bhasin got into an argument over a female contestant leading to host Sunny Leone’s intervention. The fight escalated to such an extent that Dhruvin called Joshua a ‘disinformation’.

Contestant Joshua, 25, a model and self-proclaimed playboy was seen physically dragging female contestant Kashish Ratnani in the previous episode, which she was fine with.

But Dhruvin, a content creator by profession, got upset and could not hold back from getting himself in a circle War,

In the upcoming episode, Dhruvin brings up the topic and tells that Joshua threatened him unnecessarily and they both got into a physical fight, which was stopped by the other contestants.

in reply to, Sunny Leone intervened and said: “Dhruvin slow down, and shut your mouth. It is already clear that Kashish is okay with it. I might not be okay with it, Arjun’s wife might not be okay with it, and so on. The girls are not okay with it, but she is okay with it.Kashish asks himself to take her.

To everyone’s surprise, Dhruvin still could not digest the actions and called out Joshua for his misbehaviour.

‘Splitsvilla X4’ airs on MTV.

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