Shanna Moakler Reveals She & Daughter Alabama Barker Are Estranged Yet AGAIN!

Shanna Mocler And Alabama Barker Not on the best of terms… again.

As you’ll probably remember, the mother-daughter duo’s relationship hasn’t always been the smoothest — remember last May when the 16-year-old and her older brother, Landon Barker, charged up Miss USA runner up absent mother, Not great stuff. However, they finally settled After Shanna’s separation from her allegedly abusive boyfriend. But it appears white men are back in battle mode.

on Wednesday instagram Upload, 47-year-old mom posing in pink sweatpants, a beige sweatshirt and white adidasWith Caption:

“Trust that you deserve it and the universe will serve it!”

see below):

However, one curious fan completely ignored the picture and changed the subject to Alabama in the comments, asking:

“Why isn’t your daughter following you on Instagram?”


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Surprisingly, the former lazy The model quickly summed it up, claiming:

“Obviously, I’m a raging a**hole. That’s the word on the street. Lots of laughs.”

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I love you. Keep shining bright, babe,” several other fans came to the teenager’s defense instead, writing things like:

“To be fair, a lot of kids that age think their parents are piercing a**holes.”

“It’s a classic mother/daughter relationship…no one should get in the way of it.”

“I wish they could work on mending their relationship, and Shanna doesn’t respond to strangers who are trying for information.”

Well, at least she has a new stepmom in Alabama kourtney kardashian And a lot of new aunts in his corner! We hope both can fix their relationship soon. Responses, Perezius readers? Let us know in the comments below)!

[Images via Alabama Moakler/Instagram & FayesVision/WENN]