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Sensation Play & Pleasure Mapping for Couples

pleasure is a personal experience, We will never live in our partner’s body and they will never be in our body. We will never know what joy feels like in their bodies and they will never know what joy feels like in us – which means it is our responsibility to provide each other with a map of our experiences of pleasure. And that’s why mapping pleasure through sensational play with your partner is a key element in achieving pleasure-fueled intimacy!

What is Sensation Play and Pleasure Mapping?

sensational drama There is a deliberate experience of connecting with your senses through the experience of pleasure and play. Experience connects us to our sexuality through engagement with one or more of our five senses:

  • Touch
  • the hearing
  • Taste
  • smell
  • sight

Why is Sensation Play and Pleasure Mapping Important?

Erotic sensation play and pleasure mapping is so important because often the sex and intimacy experienced by people is and does not exist. When the sex we are having lacks presence, it will also always lack pleasure – because pleasure is the experience of embodied pleasure. Presence in the body is necessary for the body to experience the physical sensation of happiness. connecting with our senses base us in our body and allows us to be present in our own experience of joy.

Pleasure mapping then uses sensation play to create a personalized pleasure map of your body. In the process of pleasure mapping, the whole human body is used. Refocusing the pleasure experience throughout the body rather than a simple genital experience.

Adopting this whole body approach allows you to dive deeper into the practice of bliss as a holistic, creative experience, not just a cunt, penis, breast or anal experience. By mapping your own sensual areas on your body, create a personal guidebook of you the way your body feels the joy, A guidebook about the types of sensations you enjoy can be shared with your partner(s)/lover(s) to enhance your experiences together.

How to Enjoy Maps Using Sensation Play

Step 1: Set up the scene.

Try to set aside at least an hour for this exercise with your partner(s). As you are creating space – ask yourself “What would allow me to go into an erotic space?” Maybe it’s a candle, music, red lights, blindfolds, a soft blanket, or sexy clothes. Whatever scene you need to set – do it and ask your partner to do the same.

step 2: Gather supplies.

You can incorporate a myriad of household items into this exercise. some examples are:

  • A stainless steel object (keep it in the freezer) or an ice cube to play up the temperature
  • silk, scarf, feathers
  • massage oil
  • hot wax to play wax
  • hot towel
  • blind fold for sensory deprivation
  • color
  • fork
  • vibrator/sex toy

You can also buy additional items such as:

Step 3: Start mapping.

Decide who will be the first recipient and who will be the first donor. The donor will take one item at a time and start using this item on the recipient’s body. The donor must think of the receiver’s body in certain parts – lower arm, upper arm, face, neck, upper chest, lower abdomen, upper thigh, lower leg, etc. Use the first item on this part, starting with the selected section. The body of the receiver in different pressures and speeds.

For example – if you start using the fork on the lower right hand, try slow, circular motions, fast long movements, movements with little or no pressure, and movements with more intense pressure. Don’t forget to ask the receiver how it feels for their body at every turn and change. After using each tool on different parts of the body, take a few minutes after care And to do debriefing before changing location.

As a reminder – the goal of this exercise is to understand the various kinds of sensation play and pleasure in your body, not to understand orgasm. Direct genital contact should be avoided for this practice so that you can become more aware of the pleasure abilities of your whole body. Also, be creative and play! It’s time to learn about your body and your partner’s body. Take this as an opportunity to play and have fun together.

Advantages of Pleasure Mapping through Sensation Play

Knowing your body and how your body wants to enjoy it is not only important, but it is also essential. healthy sex life, The exercise itself is an exercise in many parts of a healthy sex life, including:

  • Attachment: To your body and your partner’s body. The practice of harmony here allows you to experience synchronicity, alignment and merging with your partner.
  • Creativity: With Ideas for Mapping Pleasure! The key to great sex is the depth of space for creativity. By varying the intensity, angle, friction, or speed, this exercise allows you and your partner to be curious and creative about how you will approach your happiness mapping process. You can also explore creativity through role playing or power exchange.
  • Presence: The receiver’s job during this exercise is to practice being present with the sensations. This practice makes room for more embodiment during sex.
  • Self Advocacy: Receiver practices real time self advocacy during every shift of sensation play. Telling the giver what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what they want more as they move through the experience.
  • Intimacy: The repeated experience of being answered. In this practice the receiver is practicing cultivating deep intimacy with their partner as they allow their body to experience a response to their partner’s every move.

Pleasure mapping is an experience of knowing yourself more fully, experiencing pleasure in your body, and practicing non-sexual intimacy with your partner. It’s a journey that can (and should) come back every now and then as our priorities change. Let this exercise be a tool for you and your partner as you continue to build your relationship.