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See One Tree Hills Stars Have an Epic Reunion

The Tree Hill Ravens are a flock again.

cast of one Tree Hill-Including Chad Michael Murray, james lafferty, Hillary Burton Morgan, Bethany Joy Lenz, Austin Nichols, shantel van santen, Robert Buckley, Jan Kramer, Anton Tanner, lee norris, barry corbin, Brian Greenberg, Stephen Coletti, Kate Vogele, Tyler HiltonAnd bevin prince—we all came together for a very special reunion this weekend. epic rendezvous was held 13 NovemberHappened for a trick in Wilmington, North Carolina FWB Charity Events conference.

Charity basketball event is held every year to raise funds for the needy people.

Some of the cast applauded the reunion special on social media, with Greenberg (who played Jake Jagielski on the hit series) uploading An image with former co-stars Lafferty and Murray. He captioned the image, “Ravens on 3.”

Notably absent was one star fan favorite Sophia BushWho played Brooke Davis for five seasons on the hit show.