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See Heidi Klum’s Change Into Sheer Outfit After Worm Halloween Look

From creepy crawlers to sexy sparklers.

Later Heidi Klum made jaw perfectly encapsulating earthworm costume on his annual halloween bash 31 in New York City, the supermodel stepped down to reveal another iconic look. Freeing her arms and legs, Heidi transformed into a glamorous sheer body suit, complete with strategically placed rhinestones.

However, she kept her textured prosthetic face rocking the shimmery ensemble, which resulted in a flirty juxtaposition.

Earlier that night, America’s Got Talent The judge walked in, accidentally fumbled, walked down the red carpet as a larger-than-life worm, epidermis and all. her husband Tom Kaulitz He was also a little inside, dressed as a fisherman with his eyeballs removed from a fishing hook.

Always one to go out on, Heidi was completely committed to her sordid character, hilariously jump on the ground When Tokyo Hotel Rocker with his fishing pole attached to it.