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Sarah Drew Says She Doesn’t Want to Write an Episode of Grey’s

Sarah Drew Whipped up a little holiday magic on my own.

gray’s anatomy The alum made his screenwriting debut with reindeer game homecoming, premieres November 12 on Lifetime. Sara, who also stars in the film with her ex gray key cast mate Justin Bruningsaid that he had the idea during filming another Lifetime Movie, 2019′ Shimmer all the way.

Hence, he decided to run it by the makers of the film.

Sarah exclusively told E!, “I pitched them assuming we’d hire a writer and do development or whatever.” news. “After the pitch, he said, ‘Sarah, you know this world so clearly. We were watching a movie when you were giving the pitch. Like, we watch this. And you should go home and buy [screenwriting software] Final draft and write it yourself.'”

While this is a daunting task for a first time screenwriter, Sarah was more than a challengerevealing, “I went home and I bought the final draft and I had my first draft reindeer Games in three weeks. I got completely absorbed in it and it was so much fun. It’s a really delightful way to use the creative storytelling brain.”