Sam Spiegel International Film Lab sets new director, unveils fresh project selection – Deadline

Israel‘s Sam Spiegel International Film Lab has appointed a new director and unveiled the projects selected for its 11th edition, which is currently running through early summer.

Film industry veteran Mor Elder has taken over as director of the lab with immediate effect, replacing 2020 producer Aurit Zamir.

Elder’s 20-year career includes launching and directing Holon Cinematheque, as well as the roles of VP of Programming and Commissioning Editor at Yes Satellite TV and leading theatrical marketing and distribution at major Israeli distributor Lev Cinemas.

A dozen projects will participate in the new lab cycle, which is split 50:50 between Israeli and international projects.

French-Italian director Amelia Nanni expands on international projects at the edge of the world, about a young girl sent to spend the summer with her Italian grandparents in a small village inhabited only by elderly residents; Greek director Nikos Kiritsy’s story of teenage parenthood babyand Swedish filmmaker Jerry Karlsson fireAbout a lonely teenager struggling with questions of identity.

From Italy, Damiano will participate with Femfort and Tommaso Landucci monkey kids, about a father who makes himself a stronger bond with his nephew than with his disabled son; Hungarian director Hajni Kiss’ ich bin marikaFollowing a woman in her 50s who moves to Germany to work as a caregiver for an elderly couple, and by North Macedonian filmmaker Marija Apsevska spring cleaningAbout a prodigal daughter who returns to her hometown after her mother’s suicide.

Israeli participants detail Timna Perrets South Tel Aviv-set, coming-of-age story Aranchi and Reem, The Saga of the Immigrant Family of Nachman Pikowski and Tamar Kay brisso, Rita Borodiansky checkpoints, about a girl who takes a job with border control to escape abuse, through which she sacrifices Palestinian girls in the same situation; of oz zirlin exile, consisting of three interconnected stories of redemption; Nitzan Rozen’s striker number 7About a Palestinian football player who is signed by the notoriously racist Betaro Jerusalem Football Club, and More Haneso newSet in a world where people can command their ideal cyber partner.

In the first decade of its existence, the lab helped flourish several feature film projects, including the Academy Award winning Lazlo Names film. Saul’s sonfor the camera d’or winner Murina by Antoinetta Kusijanovic and Nadav Lapid Ahad’s kneeWhich won the Cannes Jury Prize in 2021.

The laboratory is run under the auspices of the Sam Spiegel Film School and on its new campus in central Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel International Film Lab is supported by the Beracha Foundation; Rothschild Foundation; Jerusalem Development Authority; Jerusalem Film Fund; Mifal Hapeis; Department of Culture and Sports; factory 54; Israel Foreign Ministry and Sam Spiegel Foundation.