Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively’s Kids Thought Singing Was Auntie Taylor Swift’s ‘Hobby’

Taylor Swift is unquestionably a superstar to the whole world – a household name you can’t help but see everywhere these days – but to Ryan Reynolds And Blake LivelyBaby she’s just their silly Auntie Tai!

Feather The Jess Cagle Show This week, Ryan opened up about his family’s relationship with the pop star, saying, “Like the rest of the world,” listening to Taylor’s music is “like a religion” for him and his family. But things are a little different when you’re a bestie with a pop star – really their confused little girls. James7, ainage6, and betty3, thought they were just listening to some music their aunt wrote for fun:

“I think what’s most exciting to them is that for the longest time they just thought of Taylor like an aunt, like a friend of mom and dad who is very, very close, almost family. And then they Went to a concert one day and was like, ‘Ohhhhh, that’s not a hobby.'”


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Finding out that his parents’ bestie was super famous didn’t change his mind, though — they still rock Tai’s music the same way. Ryan also mentioned his hilarious release party of kids for his new album midnight,

“We’re headed straight to the porch, where we’re doing a full dance number set for Midnights, including swear words. My favorite thing to do when a 3-year-old is just throwing f-bombs at a song And he doesn’t know.”

Lolz! We love a supportive family!

The friendship between the couple and the musician dates back to 2015 and since then they seem to be inseparable. bejeweled The singer also revealed the name of her third daughter Betty on her album social litrature — and fans are speculating that she’s done it again in her latest release! Ryan and Blake announced earlier this year they are expecting their fourth child And listeners quickly grabbed the name Daisy May in the 32-year-old’s new song You’re on your own, kid,

Would such a thing really be so far-fetched? anti Hero The songwriter has previously omitted the names of all Reynolds girls in his songs – he also had James feature on the song. Magnificent, Heck, no wonder they didn’t take it seriously, they even got the song on the record! Lolz!

We love the lovely relationship between Taylor, Blake, Ryan and their daughters! It’s so special to have such a cool aunt – especially when you find out she’s a worldwide sensation! Responses, Perezius readers?

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