Robyn Brown Simply Trashed the Heck Out of Christine on Sister Wives This Week

Robin Brown couldn’t keep quiet on Sister Wives this week.

After sitting back and listening to all the reasons why fellow (now.) the former) Spouse Christine both felt the need to leave their marriage and move back to Utah… Robin basically moved on to the mother of six.

At first, Robin challenges the way Christine presented her position.

especially, He called Brown to claim That she was unhappy with Cody for many years.

Robin Brown looks very worried in this Sister Wives Season 17 confession.

“In Vegas?” Robin asked that Christine alleged that her dissatisfaction went back to the time the family lived in Nevada.

“It’s a lie. Because I remember the conversation. I remember what was going on.”

From there, Robin brought up the fact that Janelle and Cody were working. their The relationship at that time, which Christine was nothing about, had nothing to do with her.

She points to a bunch of fun dates, Christine and Cody move to Las Vegas and guess they were “fake it” in front of Robin.

In a big way, Robin also questions whether Christine can walk smoothly.

What about the religious aspect of his union?

“Usually our church would be [be the one to] Say you’re divorced,” Robin tells Christine, Cody, and their other wives, Janelle and Mary.

“You have to ask for a divorce. You have to do the paperwork, you have to get approval. You have to prove that the marriage is broken.”

Robin doesn’t exactly look thrilled in this Season 17 photo, does she?

The thing is, Christine no longer considers herself a part of the church.

Seems like a pertinent description.

Not that Robin wasn’t ready to hear it.

In fact, she went ahead and said that Christine was essentially stuck with Cody — until she was literally, physically gave himself to another man,

Christine Brown has finally ended up with Cody. We are so proud of him for reaching this realization.

“Christine just saying she’s divorced is like invalidating our beliefs,” Robin explained in a confessional statement.

“We are spiritually married to Cody by our church. If we want a divorce we have to get his approval.

“Usually they need counseling, lots and lots of meetings and technically, to my understanding, as long as Christine isn’t getting physical with another man, she’s not divorced.

“But I do not know.”

Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a picture from Season 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

For Christine, who is no longer a member of the Mormon fundamentalist faith and was never legally married to Cody, her divorce took effect when she decided the marriage was over.

And that was it.

“I know without a doubt I’ve tried for years to make this work,” she concluded on the November 6 episode on the subject.

“I have a clear conscience that I have given my best to it.

“If people want to see me and think otherwise, well—I can’t do anything about that. Being a mother is my most important thing, but I couldn’t with a clear conscience marry someone who was a favorite and that must have made it very famous and which is breaking my kids’ hearts.

“I need to stand with them instead, and I wanted to do it for them.”