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Robert Downey Jr. Showcases His New Look After His Kids Shave His Head

Robert Downey Jr. made 8 cents an hour?!

Robert Downey Jr.so you are?

just before Halloweenthe actor shared instagram video of him and wife Susan Downeychildren of exton10, and avaris8, shaving his head at his request for his upcoming role in the HBO limited series Hamdard, And this weekend, RBJ stepped out to reveal its new look to the public.

Sporting his signature tinted glasses, the actor debuted his shaved look on the red carpet at the Netflix premiere. SeniorA documentary about his father, independent filmmaker Robert Downey Sr.AFI Fest November 4 in Hollywood in 2022. He was accompanied by his wife as well as his friends Jon Favreauwho directed him iron man movies.

Robert said of his father, “He was a phenomenal filmmaker. As well as my dad. It ain’t easy.” instagram, ,Senior is a documentary that tells the story of Robert Downey’s temperamental rise in NYC, his crash, burnout and redemption in Hollywood, and our relationship after that. the director Chris Smith, Only on Netflix, December 2.