RHONJ’s Joe Gorga SLAMS Jennifer Aydin For ‘Lies’ Over Drink Throwing Incident At BravoCon!

Joe Gorga sharing his side of the story what happened in between Jennifer Aydin and this year bravocon,

If you need a refresher, real housewives of new jersey co-star got into a verbal dispute in the lobby of a hotel near Javits Center During the conference last month. according to a TIC Toc Video of Jennifer’s social media assistant Erica MadelineThe 45-year-old television personality “decided to go to the Bravocon after-party” after the convention, while her husband Bill Aydin I was left behind Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotelwhere he and the other stars were staying at that time.

During the party, Erica said that Jennifer grabbed “a cup of water with ice”. However, he decided to leave the program early and returned to his hotel. Then Jane did Joe and . Saw Melissa Gorga In the lobby and tried to get away from them. Erica continued:

“When we went to the hotel lobby everything went down. When we walk in, Jennifer Aydin clearly saw that Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga and their team were in the lobby. he looked, looked away [and] We went straight to the lift. There was no communication from Jane’s side.

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But Melissa was apparently not going to let him hide so easily. He saw Jennifer in the lobby and called her a “loser, f**king loser, wannabe,” according to the assistant. Not standing for it, Aydin clapped:

“Shut the f**k up.”

Joe then got into the middle of the situation, yelling at Jennifer:

“Shut up you f**king dirty bitch!”

Wow !! Erica said Jennifer felt “substantially threatened” by Joe’s words that he threw her drink at him. real housewives The crew never fails to provide some drama wherever they go, huh! You can watch the TikTok video (below):


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Original soundtrack – ericamadeline????

Now, weeks after the situation, Joe is calling Jennifer Aydin for lying about the details of the infamous situation! during an appearance on girls in office On the podcast Friday, the 43-year-old claimed that not everything everyone heard from Erica was completely true, saying:

“Everything you heard is a lie. Everything you heard Jennifer’s assistant say was a lie.”

While Erica pushes in her video that Joe and Melissa start the drama, Joe insists that Jennifer provoked the situation:

“The story is out there that he threw a drink at me, and I was telling him these obscene things – no. At first, I was 50 feet away with my wife… Jennifer loves to dig and she’s on my side.” Gets involved in the family business.”

He then confessed that Melissa “sayed something” to his co-star that might have offended him at the time, but he only expected them to get into an argument, noting that Jennifer “isn’t like that.” He continued:

“If you see her on TV shows over the years, she drinks a lot, she’s violent, she throws something, she breaks glasses, she wants to stab you, she throws a knife. I mean, this she Is who she is, she’s crazy. Picture her in real life. That’s editing!”

The owner of the construction company also admitted to yelling at Jennifer. However, Joe said she only did it because she was reportedly “out of her mind.” He then clarified that the drink was “never thrown” at him but rather at his assistant:

“She was out of control to the point where it was embarrassing. The top of her lungs is screaming like a maniac.”

Back in October, Melissa opened up about the situation on her on display podcast, saying it started when Jennifer gave her a “snarky stare” [her] eyes” as she was walking towards the elevator. She supported the assistant’s story that Joe called Jennifer a “filthy bitch,” but claimed she told “other people,” not bravely. Hmm…

Jennifer hasn’t spoken out on the situation yet, so we’ll see if she’ll clap back at Joe’s claims! Responses, Perezius readers? Sound off in the comments below!

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