Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Season 4 Cast Revealed?!

This summer, we saw Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip In form of The drama went down at Blue Stone Manor,

Season 3 of the “All Stars” style spinoff will soon air for streaming on Peacock.

Reports say that Bravo has already picked out the season 4 cast and a theme to go with them.

Let’s take a look … and start guessing what conflicts will flare up from day one.

Earlier this week, blogger rose obsessive Talking to an insider on Instagram shared a screenshot bravo and cocktails,

“I work for the product ultimate girls trip,The source claimed.

“And a fourth season has been cast,” the insider reported, “and will be filming in Hong Kong this coming January.”

Furthermore, the source revealed that Season 4 will follow a gimmick.

That “theme” (not really a theme) would be “Dynamic Duos”.

Duos can certainly take many forms. So let’s see who are the alleged cast members.

Dolores Catania Stunt in Teal

Dolores is from Catania and Margaret Joseph real housewives of new jersey,

Ashley Darby and Robin Dixon Potomac. the real housewives,

Garcel Beauvais and Sutton are from Strake The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,

This is interesting, because Garcelle and Sutton appeared around the same time, and have won over many passionate fans.

We may (allegedly) see a similar dynamic with the next two members of Season 4.

From Real Housewives of Orange CountyWe have Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson.

It was always clear that Emily would return. Her troubled marriage with Shane, her body type, and more make her feel relatable to some viewers.

To be honest, these couples feel really comfortable.

We’re not looking at an array where everyone is a lifelong best friend.

But people have relationships with each other. Everyone will have someone to talk to.

Gina Kirschenheiter Claps Back at Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd on WWHL

now, UGT There is no afterlife. This is not the foster home of fallen housewives.

But reports say that Season 4 may shoot in January… at a time when one would expect that RHOBH will be filming.

“Does this mean Garcelle and Sutton won’t be back for Season 13?” asked a follower. “Or will the break be longer?”

Recently, reports have suggested that the Beverly Hills spinoff is momentarily on hiatus.

Despite generating a lot of buzz, the production is reportedly considering what the cast should look like for Season 13.

That said, it’s entirely possible that Bravo will push filming back by a few weeks to allow Garcelle and Sutton to film UGT, Sometimes, good things are worth the wait.

In the meantime, we can look forward to season 3 Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip To start streaming on Peacock early next year.

Of that set, we’re most looking forward to seeing Heather Gay and Whitney Rose.

Sadly, there were serious differences between the two… so it should be interesting to see where the dynamic stands outside of Utah.

ultimate girls trip Was an experiment, but clearly a success – for Peacock, but also for the franchise.

Not every Bravo fan watches every iteration of The Real Housewives. Honestly, it’s hard to find time.

but if you look UGT As for your favorites, you might find a few more favorites along the way… and follow them on their shows. Also, the show itself is quite fun.