Rapper Blueface Arrested In Las Vegas On Attempted Murder Charge!

blueface He has been arrested on charges of attempt to murder.

The rapper was busted by several police officers who were in unmarked cars and dressed in plain clothes on Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to media reports, he visited Lo-Lo Chicken and Waffles with my girlfriend in sin city, christian rockWhen the police swoop in unexpectedly to make an arrest.

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According to tmzThe police move “appears to be an undercover operation.” Video from the scene on Tuesday shows a crowd gathering around Blueface as police take him into custody. According to the outlet, Crisian “looked just as confused as everyone else” when he was at the scene. boyfriend taken away in handcuffs,

This is a developing situation, and thus, the police have not given much details about the reason behind the arrest. At the scene, according to the outlet, police confirmed they were executing an open warrant to take Blueface into custody. According to the news outlet, “legal documents attached to the warrant” show the rapper has been charged with “felony attempted murder with a deadly firearm or tear gas use.” Blueface also faces an additional fee for “unloading a firearm in a home, building, vehicle or craft,” according to the media.org.

Beyond that, not much information is available. It is not clear what happened in the alleged incident that necessitated the arrest. tmz The claim that the incident in question happened on October 8, however.

BTW, on October 24 the rapper posted a message for himself instagram Pages promoting their music:

“God forbid I get locked up for something God forbid”

very nice…

Exactly 16 days after the alleged incident, the police are now probing with this arrest warrant. Already in the comments of that post on Tuesday evening, fans are reacting to the prison-themed gram and the aftermath:

“It didn’t age well”

“Damn my boy, watch you words you speak”

“don’t fake that jumpsuit anymore”

“Okay yah now lock up homie”

“Wret Yourself”

“u literally spoke it into existence..damn it”

“Be careful what you rap about or speak on you it appears s**t”

“Brother predicted this no cap”

Oops. There are certainly a lot of views flying around on social media with that one.

Well you can see some video of Tuesday’s arrest of Blueface Here,

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