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Rachael Leigh Cook Calls Out She’s All That’s Body-Shaming

Look back, Rachel Leigh Cook Turns out that some elements of his 1999 hit film weren’t exactly the same.

The actress revealed that she and her daughter chalat9, recently viewed she is so together for the first time. But it wasn’t until Rachel made a play on the romantic comedy that they starred alongside Freddy Prinz Jr.that he realized that some commentaries may not have aged well.

“The only thing that’s funny about that movie—’cause I let my daughter, who recently turned 9, watch it—I was like, ‘I don’t think there’s anything inappropriate in there,'” she said. Told us weekly In an article published on 8 November. “But some of the language they use to talk about women—I realize it’s about the character of Freddie going on a journey to open his mind.”

“And the people were different from these popular mob kids,” she continued. “But it’s actually very disrespectful and humiliating.”