Prosecutors Say Courtney Clenney Hid $1 Million Of OnlyFans Money In Father’s Bank Account After Allegedly Stabbing Boyfriend To Death

prosecutors are looking to keep courtney kleeney In jail because they fear she will run away from the country before her murder trial begins!

In case you’re not paying attention to the legal matter, Courtney – an adult model fan only – Allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, Christian ObumselikHe died in April during a domestic dispute at his Miami apartment. He was arrested and faces life imprisonment if convicted second degree murder,

The pair reportedly had a very tumultuous relationship, with Courtney alleging that she was the victim of “physical, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of Obumaselli” and human trafficking. However, mutual friends claimed that they only saw Kourtney become violent towards Christian. Still, his defense team is only claiming that lover killed in self defense,

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and now, according to NBCThe Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Just after he was stabbed to death on April 3, social media has released photos of influencers covered with bruises on several parts of his body. His lawyers are arguing that the photographs should allow him to be released while under house arrest. However, Peru Miami HeraldProsecutors claim there were bruises on his body in Instagram posts prior to the brutal murder.

They are also pushing for Courtney to be behind bars, as they are concerned that she may flee the country before her trial begins. The reason they believe he is a flight risk? Prosecutors point to the huge wealth deposited on OnlyFan, claiming that he made millions from the webcam site, and as long as he has some internet connection, he can make his mark as an “influencer” anywhere in the world. has the ability to work. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office said in a request to the court on Thursday that Courtney has “a profession that she can maintain abroad if she flees the country, an act that she will certainly do financially.” can do,” adding:

“The defendant also has the means to quickly escape abroad and sustain himself financially.”

In addition, he noted that OnlyFans is based overseas – meaning it would be outside US jurisdiction. The assumption went further that Kourtney earned $966,692 in 2020 and $1.8 million in 2021. Then, he made some “suspicious” wire transfers after Christian’s murder, including $1,134,000 and $50,000 in his father’s account. Hmm…

Prosecutors noted that “questionable timing” made it appear that she was “attempting and otherwise preparing to thwart justice and avoid criminal prosecution.” However, Courtney’s lawyer Sabrina Puglisi Allegedly he spent that money on buying a house in Texas and “building a connection to the community” there. He then said:

“We don’t think she’s going to run away.”

We’ll have to see if the judge decides on Tuesday to release Courtney on bond, put her under house arrest, or keep her locked up before trial. Thoughts, Perezius readers? Tell us in the comments.

[Image via Miami-Dade County Jail, Courtney Clenney/Instagram]