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OTH’s Bevin Prince Breaks Silence After Husband’s Tragic Death

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Five months after a 33-year-old died of a fatal lightning strike, the one Tree Hill Elam addressed the incident for the first time, calling it “an absolute living nightmare”.

“It was like any other day that we did a million times,” Prince 1 on 1 with Jon Evans podcast on December 2. “The storm was far away, we’re on the boat, everything is fine. And then in an instant, everything has changed. There’s no normal, and there’s no playbook for this.”

The actress said that at the time of the accident, a nurse, a former military member and a bounty hunter were on the boat next to the couple and “reacted so quickly” in trying to help. However, despite his best efforts, the friend succumbed to his injuries.

Prince continued, “There was nothing in my head that could be done. And I have to admit that this is bigger than me and my understanding at the moment.”