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Nushrratt Bharuccha starrer JANHIT MEIN JAARI gives out a nice message but the weak script, average direction go against the film.


Public Interest Released Review {2.0/5} and Review Rating

Issued in public interest This is the story of a woman’s extraordinary battle. Manokamna Tripathi (Nusrat Bharucha) aka Manu lives in Chanderi with her father Purushottam (Ishtiaq Khan) and mother Manju (Sapna Sand). Her parents want her to get married as soon as possible. Manu is not interested and insists that she will tie the knot only after getting a job. Manju gives him a month’s time to get a job, failing which he will get married. Manu then gives several job interviews, but none click. Finally, she meets Adarnia (Brajendra Kala). He discovers that he has a good marketing acumen. He offers her a job in his company, Little Umbrella and even promises to pay a decent salary of Rs. 40,000 per month. However, there is a catch. Little Umbrella sells condoms. Manu’s task is to go into the field and increase the sale of contraceptives. Manu hesitates at first. But remembering her mother’s deadline, she takes over. Meanwhile, she meets Ranjan (Anud Singh Dhaka) and the two fall in love. They decide to get married. Ranjan’s father Kewal (Vijay Raj) has a strict and old-fashioned mindset. Ranjan hides from Kewal and the rest of his family members that Manu sells condoms for a living. Manu and Ranjan get married and one day Kewal learns the truth. What happens next becomes the rest of the film.

Issued in public interest

There is a good message in the story of Raaj Shaandilyaa. However, it is his own film DREAM GIRL. gives a new view of [2019] As it is also about a hero who does a job he is not proud of initially and hides this fact from his family members. It is also somewhat similar to HELMET [2021], which was also a comedy based on condom sales and its importance. Jai Basantu Singh, Raaj Shaandilyaa, Rajan Agarwal and Sonali Singh’s screenplay fails to captivate. There are too many tracks and there are places where the main track takes a back seat. Even the lead track of a woman working in the condom industry is not presented properly. Raaj Shaandilyaa’s dialogues are quite funny and try to elevate some of the scenes. Sadly, the script is not good and hence, even some of the dialogues do not have the desired effect.

Jai Basantu Singh’s direction is average. To his credit, he has cleverly handled some scenes, like Manu giving the interview but to no avail, Devi Prasad (Paritosh Pati Tripathi) overhearing Manu and Ranjan’s conversation, Ranjan’s entry etc. The scene of Hemant (Sumit Gulati) entering. The bedroom with antacids instead of condoms has nothing to do with the main story and yet, it works because it’s so much fun. On the flipside, goings-on are difficult to digest. The way Ranjan decides to immediately support Manu upon hearing about Babli’s miscarriage, it doesn’t seem natural. Length is also a problem and moreover, the lag comes too late. Even the situation alone does not seem reassuring. The ending is convenient, but the makers fail to explain how Manu contributed to the panchayat election victory.

Nushrat Bharucha has done well. She has good comic timing and has proved that she can handle the film as a solo lead. Anud Singh Dhaka is confident. Paritosh Pati Tripathi is funny but a raw deal goes through in the second half. Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Ishtiaq Khan and Sapna Reet are dependable. Tinu Anand (Grandfather) is decent. Paresh Ganatra (Advocate) is devastated. Sumit Gulati (Hemant) leaves his mark with a funny scene in the second half. Sapna Basoya (Lajja), Vikram Kochhar (Vijay) and Sukriti (Babli) are fine.

The music is poor. The title track is catchy. ‘Uda Gulal Ishq Wala’ Well shot. ‘Tenu Aunda Nahi’, ‘Rang Tera’‘ And ‘From brother-in-law’s pocket’ are forgettable. The background music of Aman Pant is in accordance with the theme and mood of the film.

Chirantan Das’s cinematography is neat. Bhaskar Gupta’s production design is realistic. Same goes for the costumes of Mansoori and Vishakha Kullarwar. The editing of Jai Basantu Singh and Jayant Verma is not great as the film is unnecessarily long.

Altogether, Issued in public interest Gives a good message and is loaded with some funny moments and one-liners. However, the weak script, average direction as well as the long length go against the film. At the box office, it will be a tough time and its prospects will remain poor.