Nick Cannon Responds To Report Claiming He Pays $3 Million Annually In Child Support!

nick cannon Addressing those reports about how much he pays in child support!

As we previously reported, California family law attorneys and legal experts, goldie seanchatted with Sun about Payment to the moms of each of their 42-year-oldsSaying:

“When you have someone like Nick Cannon, who happens to be an extremely high income earner, California courts have the right to deviate from the normal child support guidelines. If he takes home upwards of $5 million a year. So you have to see what needs to be done to keep the kids in the lifestyle of both the parents. The father is clearly a public figure and earns a good income. The lifestyle should be the same with the mother as well. With dad.”

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What number did she think Nick should give annually? $3 million! However, the television personality disputed that number – revealing that he actually pays more… “too much.” Nick told neighborhood talk on Friday:

“I definitely spend too much [$3 million] Annuals on my kids. I don’t plan on ever participating in the child’s government system.”

Of course, whatever amount he actually pays will change – given that he has welcomed her. newborn daughter beautiful zeppelin cannon with Abbey de la Rosawith whom he already shared twins innumerable And zionand is expecting her 12th child Alyssa Scott, He and Alyssa also share a 5-month-old son Jane, who died in December 2021 after a battle with brain cancer. And as you know, Nick has twins again Morocco And monroe with ex wife maria carey, son Golddaughter powerfuland son growth with Brittany BellSon Famous with bre ticioand daughter onyx with lanisha cole, Despite having such a large family, Nick still makes sure to be as involved with each of their kids on a daily basis as possible. They told men’s Health In June:

“Contrary to popular belief, I’m probably busy throughout my children’s day, more often than the average adult can be. If I’m not physically in the same city with my kids, I’m stuck with FaceTime and stuff. talking to them before going to school through medium.and then when I [in the same city, I’m] Taking my kids to school, like, making sure I pick them up.”

He continued:

“I’ve seen where people believe in traditional household chores, and [yet] There’s a lot of toxicity in that setting. It is not about what society believes to be right. It’s like, what is it right for you? What brings you happiness? What makes you happy and how do you define family? We all define family in many different ways.”

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