Netflix & David Letterman Reportedly Edited Out Kanye West’s Comments Referencing Nazis & Victim-Blaming Rihanna In 2019 Interview

among Kanye West Gaining headlines for several controversies – including about his anti-Semitic rhetoric, false claims George FloydHis death, and the “White Lives Matter” stunt – his even more horrifying comments are coming to the fore.

According to a new report from wrap Published on Saturday, the 45-year-old spewed a ton of hurtful and controversial comments during his 2019 interview David Letterman‘s My Next Guest needs no introduction, But he never made the final cut. Audience members have now come forward, claiming that the final edit of Kanye’s appearance with David did not include a bunch of “shocking” moments.

What was removed from the episode? Tapping on during January 2019 Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, Noah Reach And David Maldonado Claimed that Kanye often shared right-wing conspiracy theories and said liberals treated anyone pro-Donald Trump MAGA hat “Like They Were Nazis.”

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Kanye reportedly made a rant about the #MeToo movement, referencing an unnamed music executive friend who got “MeToo-ed” and how he could even be “MeToo-ed” himself. The fashion designer then spoke of the “Hollywood power structure” that led to the movement, which Noah believed was referring to the Jewish people. Really disgusting. Noah and David claim they overheard Kanye complain that the media always favored women over men when abuse allegations surfaced, recalling how the father of four allegedly blamed the victim went rihanna For his brutal 2009 attack. Kanye reportedly said:

,Chris BrownHer career is basically over and you have Rihanna and everyone took her side. He must have done something to merit what happened to him. ,

What the f**k?!

When Noah and other showrunners tried to push back and question her remarks, the insider claimed that Kanye and David would not accept them. Noah told the outlet:

“It was shocking to see that Kanye West could share harmful alt-right beliefs, conspiracy theories after conspiracy, and misconceptions about women for the majority of interviews and end up with an edit that made celebrity fluff. Removed all those items in favor of material.”

Most of these comments were cut from the final edit, with much of the discussion centered on the rapper’s mental health struggles, Yeezy clothing and footwear, and Sunday service. However, the show included threatening Trump remarks by liberals and some comments about #MeToo. Another audience member, identified as Larry F., also noted that he was “not sure with what legitimacy they are dealing,” but that the episode was “not an honest assessment of what happened that night.” “

letterman’s Worldwide Pants, Inc.., which produces my next guestTold wrap The show is “an edited conversation show” that was shot over two days with Kanye over five hours and needed to be edited down to 55 minutes, adding:

“About four years ago, in an interview for ‘My Next Guest,’ Kanye West discussed a range of topics with David Letterman, including family, parenthood, music, and creativity. Kanye also told Dave that he had She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just six months ago, which led to a personal discussion about mental illness, its stigma and treatment, and for the first time she spoke about what she experienced when she had a bipolar episode.”

He continued:

“Mr. West later launched an aggressive rant about the MeToo movement. He later also said about liberals who allegedly bullied Trump supporters, and suppressed free speech. The show In representing these points, the producers took too long to present them accurately, and Dave challenged him on each of these.”

Worldwide Pants then noted that “privacy, accuracy and legal concerns do not include unfounded attacks on specific individuals.” A Netflix spokesperson reiterated the same sentiment, saying wrap That “the episode was edited for the time being and the producers tried to accurately represent the variety of issues negotiated and addressed.”

This isn’t the first time Kanye’s controversial comments have been omitted from an interview. It came to him recently Commentary about Hitler and his “love” for the Nazis during the live tmz The tape was cut in 2018.

Kanye hasn’t spoken about this latest report yet, but we’re sure he’ll have something to say about it. Responses, Perezius readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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