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Monica O My Darling Ending Explained: Decoding the Killer’s Identity and the Final Fates of Main Characters in Rajkummar Rao, Huma Qureshi and Radhika Apte’s Netflix Thriller (Spoiler Alert)

Vasan Bala’s monica o my darling An enigmatic neo-noir thriller about a young man caught in a strange whirlpool of murder and coverup, blackmail and deceit. The film stars Rajkummar Rao as Jayant Atredkar, a brilliant engineer, who is the star of Unicorn Robotics, the company he is working for, and despite coming from the daughter of his employer Satyanarayan Adhikari (Vijay Kenkere). joined. A humble background. He also has a secret relationship with Monica, played by Huma Qureshi, who is a secretary in the same company. Monica O My Darling Movie Review: Rajkummar Rao, Huma Qureshi’s twisty comic-thriller is smart, pulpy and fun!

Before we go any further, we warn you that the article below contains a lot of major spoilers. So proceed with caution. Upon returning to the film, Monica tells Jayant that she is pregnant, and manipulates her to blackmail him for money. Jayant also learns that she is doing the same to Nishikant (Sikander Kher), her boss’s son and their company accountant Arvind (Bux). They plan to murder her and dispose of her body, but things don’t go according to their plan. The wrong person is killed, then more people die and Jayant realizes that someone is trying to kill him too. And also the investigating officer ACP Naidu (Radhika Apte) is very suspicious of him.

By the end, this homage to the pulp thrillers of the ’70s and ’80s doesn’t leave all of its major characters alive. In this special feature, we explain the ultimate fate of each of the main characters, who is the real killer and who is the real antagonist. AGAIN, SPOILERS Ahead.

Shalu (Zain Marie Khan)

Zayn Marie Khan in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Jayant’s younger sister, who is also an employee in his company, is undoubtedly the most innocent character. And the saddest too. Shalu loses her fiancé at the beginning of the film, and inadvertently begins dating the man responsible for her death. When he becomes the boss himself, his own brother defies him, and when she receives a report that Jayant’s bad robot killed her fiancé, she becomes even more sad, and he knew about it. . Of course, the truth comes out later that Jayant was innocent and that her current boyfriend was responsible and this definitely made her more upset. In the end, even his brother dies, and, although he is one of the few characters who survive, Shalu is left with the baggage of trauma and loneliness.

Nikki (Anushka Ranjan Kapoor)

Anushka Ranjan Kapoor in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Nikki is one of the weakly written characters in the film and we get real information about her life only when she explains why she hates her brother, who turns out to be her half-brother. It is not certain whether she really loves Jayant or finds him to be this charming toy that her father bought for her. Nikki also escapes at the end of the film, and although she will be shocked by Jayant’s death, I don’t think it will affect her as much as it will for Shalu. Guilty Movie Review: Kiara Advani’s Netflix Original Misses Out on Making a Strong Statement About the #MeToo Movement,

ACP Naidu (Radhika Apte)

Radhika Apte in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

The wise-cracking, cynical cop is corrupt and in Satyanarayan’s pocket. She knew that Jayant had some role in the deaths of Nishikant, Arvind and Monica, and that he could have trapped her, but saw a huge opportunity here. She kills Tamang at the behest of Satyanarayana, and sees Jayant, the future heir of the company, as a major investment in her future. Too bad, the two cobras had other plans.

Arvind (Bagvati Perumal aka Bux)

Bhagwati Perumal aka Bucks in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Arvind is a cowardly accountant of Unicorn Robotics, whom Monica is blackmailing on the pretext of pregnancy. Although he does not remember exactly that he wanted to sleep with her because he was drunk. Realizing that Monica might ruin his family life, Arvind agrees to a plan to kill her, but he does not even have the courage to do what he has set out to do. He is killed when someone sends him a cobra as a gift which bites him because of the killing pact he and Jayant made with Nishikant.

Tamang Rana (Shiv Rindani)

Shiva Rindani in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Tamang was a sycophant of Rana Satyanarayana who does his dirty work and hopes that his boss will reward him with a seat on the board of directors. He is jealous of Jayant who gets his seat, and he looks for the right opportunity to get his place there. He kills Monica at the behest of his master, uses a snake venom strategy that kills Arvind and makes his death part of other murders. His greed becomes his downfall, however, Satyanarayana through ACP Naidu arranges for her to be murdered and blames Monica’s pregnancy and murder on him.

Gaurav (Sukant Goyal)

Sukant Goel in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Gaurav is a psychopath who kills some of the lead characters in the film. She jealously kills Shalu’s fiancé Dev Prakash, using Jayant’s robotic arm, and then dates him. He hates Jayant after he disposes of the watch gifted by Jayant. Gaurav is also being blackmailed by Nishikant, who stumbles upon the first murder, and Gaurav ends all subsequent misdeeds including clicking Jayant and Monica’s pictures together, although Nishikant crosses the line. When he asks Gaurav to kill Monica. Even though he has killed Dev Prakash, Gaurav does not see himself as a hired killer, and he kills Nishikant instead. On Nishikant’s body, he finds a ‘murder pact’ and thinks that Jayant and Arvind are also on the idea of ​​killing Monica. He sees this as a throwback to the higher management, because to them, he is virtually invisible and therefore can do whatever he wants and get away with. In the end, he arrives with the same robotic arm that killed Dev Prakash, as Jayant manages to trick him and kill him. Ghost Stories: Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee’s Segments in Netflix’s Horror Anthology, From Worst to Best,

Nishikant (Sikander Kher)

Sikander Kher in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Satyanarayana’s arrogant son, Nishikanta embodies the spoiling of nepotism, as he believes that his privilege means he should be favored over Pratibha and sees that a young man from Angola takes what he has to offer. What he believes is right. It is another matter that Jayant’s promotion could also be seen as nepotism, as he has got engaged to Nikki. Anyway, Nishikant plans to ruin Jayant’s reputation by using pictures taken from Gaurav, but he doesn’t expect Monica to blackmail him with her ‘pregnancy’. Nishikant is killed instead of Monica, which Jayant and Arvind learn of late, and he dies only because he pushed his ‘worker’ over the edge because his privileged psyche thought he would always owns $$ for.

Monica (Huma Qureshi)

Huma Qureshi in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Titanic femme fatale was playing a dangerous game from the start, and the results were bound to catch up with her at one point. She had ties with almost all upper management and blackmailed her with her pregnancy, which turned out to be true. Monica saw this as some sort of return to the sexist attitude of the board – not a single board member is female – and a way to secure her future. It’s too bad that she didn’t realize that Nishikant wanted to kill her, otherwise she wouldn’t have dared to blackmail the true father of her unborn child and end up with poison.

Jayant (Rajkumar Rao)

Rajkummar Rao in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Jayant may not be a hardcore criminal like some of the characters in the film. But his biggest failure was that he had become corrupted by the power that came with his growth and ended up doing all the wrong things. He should not have agreed to kill Monica, and he later tried to kill himself, though he restrained himself from doing so. He didn’t even explain to his sister about his girlfriend’s death, even though he wasn’t technically responsible. Jayant was playing a snake-and-ladder game with his life and career, trying to acquit himself of any role in the other murders while trying to save himself from being killed. I believe the ‘ladder’ was an opportunity for him to come out clean, which he doesn’t because he always looks for a way to confess his sins. Had he done so, Jayant could have at least saved his life.

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Even though the murders rest on Gaurav and Tamang, Jayant learns that he may still be implicated in Monica’s murder if the police find out a ‘murder pact’. He goes to Gaurav’s house in Angola and finds and burns the accordion, but before he can escape, the two remaining serpents stolen by Gaurav put him in. In the end, before he can reach the winning position, Jayant loses his snakes and a game of ladders, as he failed to spot the snake coming a block before the winning square. Ironically, he died at the same place where the story of his wealth began, and it may take days for people to find out that he is dead.

Satyanarayan Adhikari (Vijay Kenkere)

Vijay Kenkare in Monica O My Darling (Photo Credits: Netflix)

In my opinion, the main opponents of monica o my darling, a film full of deeply flawed characters, there is no one else who has employed most of them. Satyanarayan Adhikari may seem like a kind person, who has no qualms about his daughter marrying a common man like Jayant. In reality, however, he is a cunning, shrewd and opportunistic businessman who does not care about the lives of the employees working under him. Most of the deaths in the film could have been avoided had Satyanarayan not tried to hide under the carpet of the first murder – Dev Prakash’s – and blamed the death on the negligence of the security officer. A proper investigation into the death would have revealed Gaurav’s hand, which later only took a few minutes for Jayant to trace and nab the real culprit. Instead he only cared about the reputation of his company. He also disposed of Monica, with whom he had an affair and who, as Naidu tells Jayant, was carrying his child, and also killed his loyal retainer, as the latter was beyond his stature. Ambition appeared.

In Jayant he sees an opportunity to raise his company’s stake to a billion-dollar valuation, not a son-in-law – and he shows that card when, in the climax, he refers to Jayant as his ‘unicorn’. Finally, because of his power, wealth and influence, Satyanarayana does not allow any crime to come back to him, and even though he loses his son, he stands tall. Although Jayant’s eventual death may have been a major setback for him, as Monica pointed out, there were better candidates other than Jayant who had rejected the company’s employment before it came to his lap and could easily be a replacement. could find. So just like in real life, the bourgeoisie definitely won the game in the movie!

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