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Michelle Obama Shares Relatable Message About Her “Fearful Mind”

Michelle Obama Understands that fear is something you have to grab by the regime.

The former First Lady recently touched on a sensitive topic discussed in her upcoming book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain TimesShe serves as an override to speak openly about the “monster” in her mind.

In an exclusive sneak peek of his interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts Set to air on November 13, Mitchell shared, “To put that quote in context, it’s in the chapter that’s called decoding fear Because the demon I am talking about is my fearful mind.”

But, he becoming The author knows without hesitation that life is dangerous, explaining that he feels that fear has two sides.

“Fear, as I discover, is an important tool. It is an important emotion because when used properly, it keeps us safe. It sets off warning bells that say, ‘Don’t. Go. Don’t do that. Don’t,'” she explained. “But the other side of fear, if we don’t really understand it, is that fear can keep us trapped. And it’s that scary mind that gets stuck and can’t get out of your comfort zone that I’m in. I have to fight back against it.”