Meri Brown: God Wants Me to Be With Kody, Okay?!?

For the duration of Sister Wives season 17, the focus has been on Christine Brown’s decision to walk away from Cody Brown.

This past Sunday night, though?

The story at least transpired with Mary Brown’s decision not to do so.

The former couple married in 1990, only to divorce 20 years later so that Cody could exchange vows with Robin and legally adopt their children from a previous relationship.

In an indirect way, Mary has addressed the subject on several occasions, acknowledging that their romance died long ago… but also admitting that she is happy and is not going anywhere,

On the latest Sister Wives installment, though, I couldn’t help but reflect on how things fell apart.

“I’ve been in the same situation with Cody in the past,” she said at the beginning of the episode, citing Christine and Cody’s split.

51 year old went to reference His 2015 Catfishing Scandalwhere she entered into an online relationship with a man she thought was a man, only for it to end up being a woman pulling off a brutal prank.

“It got really, really ugly and scary because I knew what I wanted from Cody and I was not getting that. He was kind of very, very, very distant from me and our relationship,” she said at the time. Told about what happened.

Mary told the audience that she asked Cody if they could take a break and even requested that he move out, but then it all turned upside down.

“I said, ‘Can we get through some of this stuff? Can we just take a break?’ She said on Air This Week, adding:

“He’s interpreted that as I took him out and he never came back.”

Mary Brown addresses the camera here during a scene from TLC’s Sister Wives.

Hence, she continued, why Christine’s breakup with Cody is “so familiar.”

“I’ve seen Cody drop it on me and on,” Mary said.

For his part, though, as you might expect, Cody saw the two’s pasts as vastly different.

“I didn’t leave Mary. It turned out that the relationship was essentially unstable. I didn’t feel like it was sustainable.

“It is not a functional relationship. We may be together, but we may not be together,” he said in his confession.

before, Kodi reprimanded Mary for cheating Through this whole catfishing debacle.

Cut to Mary’s conversation with Robin on Sunday, and Mary said that critics often ask her why she remains part of the plural marriage dynamic if she no longer has a real relationship with Cody.

“I think about it and I pray on it and I meditate on it and I always come to peace with it,” she told Robin, who later confessed that she thinks mary should break up,

So… why didn’t he do that?

Mary Brown posted such an intense selfie on her Instagram page in September 2022.

“When I married Cody it wasn’t just because I loved him,” she said on Sunday, citing a higher power:

“I felt like I got God’s confirmation that I got to marry Cody and I still feel that way.”

Finally, Mary also said that she still believes in the concept of polygamy.

“I would never say that the problem within our family is plural marriage. I believe that each of us has the potential for greatness and the ability to work through this stuff,” she said, seemed either optimistic or crazy.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.