Melanie Martin: Aaron Carter’s Fans Think I Murdered Him!

it’s been almost a week Aaron Carter found dead In the bathroom of his Lancaster, California home.

Carter’s cause of death Still undetermined, but it is widely believed that the former child star suffered a fatal overdose.

Medical examiners are still awaiting the results of a toxicology test, but police say they found prescription bottles and cans of compressed air near the body.

Carter reportedly had a habit of getting household cleaners high.

Aaron Carter Airplane Selfie
Aaron Carter shared an airplane selfie with his Instagram followers. (photo via Instagram)

The coroner’s report would likely confirm the prevailing theory that Carter’s death was the result of more than one drug poisoning.

But it is 2022, which means that thousands of internet Rando feel the need to offer their own theories about Aaron’s death.

Many believe that Carter took his own life, despite the fact that there is zero evidence to support those claims.

The circumstances surrounding Aaron Carter’s death remain mysterious. Now, a close friend of Aaron’s is offering new insight. (photo via Instagram)

And now, an even more baseless and harmful claim is doing the rounds on social media.

according to a new report From TMZ, a growing legion of Aaron fans are convinced that the singer was murdered by his on-again, off-again fiancé, Melanie Martin.

Melanie and Aaron’s relationship was highly controversial, and both sides struggled with addiction and mental health issues.

Melanie Martin makes a final attempt to save Aaron Carter in the singer’s final days. I wish it was too late. (photo via Instagram)

That said, there is zero evidence that he had anything to do with his death, and Martin was No In the house at the time of Carter’s passing.

But that didn’t stop social media users from leveling wildly dangerous allegations against the mother of Aaron’s newborn son.

“I’m calling it, Melanie murdered Aaron,” wrote one Twitter user.

“He texted her a few days ago saying ‘You’re going to die’ and a few days ago Aaron called her Voldemort. Today Melanie posted a video on social media crying while driving! Who did it??? Doubtful!”

“Melanie paid the housekeeper to kill Aaron,” said another.

In response to news that Martin requested a police escort to protect Aaron while retrieving abandoned items in his home, several conspiracy theorists accused him of suspicious behavior.

Melanie Martin is in mourning. He shared this picture as a tribute to the late singer Aaron Carter. (photo via Instagram)

The irony of the situation is that Melanie was reportedly working tirelessly try to save aaron’s life in the weeks leading up to her death, and she managed to persuade him to attend an outpatient rehab program.

Thankfully, those accusing him of murder are getting a good deal of pushback from more level-headed observers.

One Twitter user argued in response to an allegation, “It’s disgusting that you should be ashamed.”

“She was begging him to calm down otherwise ‘you’re going to die’ like he would be in Odie if he didn’t stop and she was begging for her child’s father to live. You’re just going to be every addicted fellow or spit in the face of the parents.”

In the next few weeks, the official cause of Aaron’s death will be made public.

In the meantime, we encourage all who feel compelled to comment on the situation, to keep in mind that their loved ones are grieving human beings going through a very difficult time.