Meghan Markle Wasn’t Allowed To Invite Half-Sister Samantha’s Daughter Ashleigh To Royal Wedding?!

meghan markle can have a seriously sour relationship with his half-sister Samantha MarkleBut when it comes to his niece it’s a completely different story!

In netflixnew documentary of Harry and MeghanSamantha’s daughter Ashley Hale sits down with the Duchess of Sussex to discuss their relationship for the first time – and it’s going to be a very eye-opening conversation.

As we reported on Thursday, the Suit Did not hold back from speaking about alum messy dynamic between him and his father, Thomas Markle, and their other daughter, Samantha. Both have taken aim at the 41-year-old in the media several times in the last few years. It’s complicated AF!

Interestingly, however, there was one member of the Markle family who wasn’t afraid to speak up in Meghan’s defense! In a surprising twist, Samantha’s daughter Ashley took part in the documentary series to open up about her very sweet relationship with the mother of two!

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By the way, Ashley and her brother were raised by their maternal grandparents, whom she considers her parents. According to her, she had not seen her biological mother since she was 6 years old – until they were reunited in 2007. It was around this time that Meghan and Ashley also began to grow closer. Eventually, things turned sour between the mother-daughter duo when Samantha could not vent her anger on her younger half-sister. Describing her relationship with the actress-turned-royal, Ashley shared:

“There’s a sister element, something maternal, she’s a best friend, she’s everything.”

Wow! Looks like they’re really close! prince harryThe wife fully agreed, in her confession:

“I wanted a sister and she was like a little sister. Ash was harassed by the media just by association. I didn’t want his life to be overshadowed by all that drama.

Oh, we just know that “sister” comment is bound to make Samantha cringe! Meghan has always maintained she was not with him Diary of Princess Pushya’s Sister Part 1 Writer growing up despite stepsister’s disdain insist otherwise, Of course, the facts always seemed to be on Meghan’s side – until her half-sister Samantha Grant Suit The star who became world famous dating Harry then turned back into Samantha Markle. We found it very transparent.

But here’s the thing: It wasn’t just Meghan who was taking shots at her half-sister during the explosive show. Ashley, an immigrant advocate, used her time in the spotlight to do just that, adding:

“After the news first broke, Samantha very quickly began expressing a lot of angry words about Meg towards me. What I was told was probably some resentment, and it seemed that whatever I said , you know, his attitude didn’t change and it seemed like he got even more grown up, and we stopped talking. Some people you just can’t reason with.

She calls her mom Samantha? so tough! Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Ashley was notably not present for Meghan and Harry 2018 wedding in the UK … and there was one very Its special reason. No, they weren’t fighting, but the firm didn’t think it would be great for Opticks because Samantha wasn’t getting an invite.

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In the third episode of the documentary on Thursday, Meghan revealed her communications team’s position on the sticky matter, saying:

“How do we explain that this stepsister has been invited to the wedding, not the stepsister’s daughter. So with Ashley, the guidance at the time was not to come to our wedding. I was in the car with H , and I called him and we put him on speakerphone and we talked to him about what guidance we’re being given and why this assessment is being made and … and it’s painful.

Oops. What a difficult phone call to make! It was obviously really difficult news for Ashley as she recalled the memory in tears, telling the camera:

“I think I said that hurt me on some level but I understood where it was coming from. To know it was because of my biological mother that this relationship that was so important to me , Affected like that… Realizing that it was taken away because of him, it was hard.

Yesh. frankly we Don’t Understand It. The optics at the time were really more that Meghan was trying to distance herself from her entire non-famous family, and cutting everyone off played into Samantha’s hands. Had she invited Ashley, everyone would have had a clear idea that it was her half-sister and father in particular not getting an invitation, and they would have understood that this was a personal disagreement – Meg was not forgetting herself.

Although, it must be said, she probably would have attracted quite a bit of attention that would have changed her life – for good or for ill, who knows.

Despite saying “I do” to her aunt in person, it appears as though Ashley and Meghan have remained close — as she’s decided to take part in the latter’s documentaries! Perhaps we’ll hear more from the pair when part two of the six-episode series drops next week. For now, thoughts? Can you believe Meghan wasn’t allowed to invite Ashley?! Sound off (down)!

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